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Title: mac-support (please do a version for mac)
Post by: 5ouL on 2006-04-04, 12:30
would be great to do a version for mac-gamers

PLEASE !  :ninja:

you can go along as the id-dudes did it for tema-arena if you need input how it can be functioning


THX  :thumb:


p.s. if you answer, do it here:


Title: Re: mac-support
Post by: Phoenix on 2006-04-04, 16:38
Well, version .99f works with a Mac.  The next version will require someone to compile the engine for Mac OS.  I do not own a Mac, so this means I will need someone else to do it.  I do want to make Generations available to all, but someone with a Mac and coding ability will be required.  I can't afford to buy a Mac for this purpose.

Even if we release the next version without a Mac option, fear not.  The engine will be open source, so a coder who wishes to compile it for a Mac will be able to.