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Title: Help! Not Running! (Error message)
Post by: 4nic8tr on 2006-09-26, 21:35
Hello all! I need your help. I'm trying to run Generations, I click on the shortcut, it runs DOS, flickers to a blank screen, flickers back to my desk top with an error message on it saying "user interface is version 6, expected 3"

I have read through the manuels, troubleshooting guides, but nothing seems to work! I would appreciate someones help, I had this on my old computer and I miss it dearly :) Thank you in advance.


Title: Re: Help! Not Running!
Post by: Lopson on 2006-09-26, 22:20
If I'm not mistaken, you have to install the Quake 3 Arena 1.32 patch. You can download it from here:

http://www.planetquake3.net/download.php?o...fileid&lid=1150 (http://www.idsoftware.com/games/quake/quake3-arena/index.php?game_section=updates)

Title: Re: Help! Not Running!
Post by: Phoenix on 2006-09-26, 22:25
Oh shoot, you're a real person?  I blocked your registration on the forums because you're on a hotmail account, and I've had several spam bots try to register using hotmail addresses.  Re-register your forum account with the name you have here and I'll authorize it.  Sorry about that.  You're the first casualty in my anti-bot measures so far.  My apoligies.

And yes, Kruzader is correct about the Quake 3 Arena version.  Generations Arena version .99f will only run on Quake 3 Arena versions 1.32b and 1.32c.