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Title: bot_minplayers malfunctioning
Post by: Phoenix on 2006-10-13, 19:38
If you're running a game with bot_minplayers set to a number, and a bot with a space in the name is present, it will not properly autokick bots to keep the player level correct.  I found this out recently with the addition of our MG Guard, SG Guard, and Light Guard bots.  This is not a Gen bug, this is a Q3 bug.  I've corrected it in our current non-public beta, but for the moment you'll just have to manually kick a bot off if the number of bots gets out of whack.  Remember you can always use the vote menu to callvote a kick on a bot.  Bot kicks initiated in this manner always succeed.

Title: Re: bot_minplayers malfunctioning
Post by: scalliano on 2006-10-15, 00:36
Ah, indeed. Found that out the hard way :shifty: