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Title: RIP Paul Steed
Post by: Phoenix on 2012-08-13, 21:34
It's a sad day for gamers and Id fans.  Veteran designer Paul Steed has passed away.  Details of his passing are unknown.  From Wcnews:

There is truly terrible news to report today: world renowned game artist Paul Steed has died. Paul was best known for his work on the Quake franchise, but he got his start in the industry as a concept artist at Origin. One of his first assignments was doing gameflow storyboards for Trade Commander, later Privateer.

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Farewell, Paul.  You'll be missed.

Title: Re: RIP Paul Steed
Post by: ~Va^^pyrA~ on 2012-08-17, 01:35
This is more than unexpected. Steed was not excessively aged, after all. I would be interested to find out the details of his passing. It's certainly a loss for the industry regardless.

Title: Re: RIP Paul Steed
Post by: leilei on 2012-09-02, 19:48
RIP Steed.

Title: Re: RIP Paul Steed
Post by: Kain-Xavier on 2012-09-10, 23:15
RIP Steed.

Indeed, the industry has lost a great man. :(

Title: Re: RIP Paul Steed
Post by: J3E125 on 2012-10-28, 21:55
I just noticed the name Paul Steed in the Squadron 42 trailer, amazing!

Title: Re: RIP Paul Steed
Post by: Phoenix on 2012-10-28, 23:06
Before working for Id Software, Paul worked with Chris Roberts on the Wing Commander games.  Chris named the carrier after him.

Title: Re: RIP Paul Steed
Post by: Moshman on 2013-06-14, 23:02
This just goes to show that death can hit you from nowhere for no particular reason. There was a guy that I used to do odd jobs for to get some extra income on the side. He led one of the most healthy active lifestyles that I've seen anyone undertake. Yet, one day when I called him, someone else picked up and told me he passed away suddenly. No explanation, no warning. We are truly blessed for each day we are allowed.