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Title: Haters Gonna Hate, But Why?
Post by: Phoenix on 2015-10-01, 06:21
I haven't taken time to rant much about anything lately, but I feel it's time for a good old-fashioned Phoenix rant.  The target of my rant?  Haters.  Don't get me wrong, hatred has some place in the world.  Perfect Hatred is a great level in Ultimate Doom, enemies you love to hate make for a good game, and anyone that listens to Slayer knows that sometimes you need to spread a little hate worldwide, but what I'm talking about is a level of douchebaggary that goes above and beyond the normal level of internet douchebaggery, and that is this:

Why in the world would you go out of your way to repeatedly trash a game you're never going to play and constantly belittle the game's fanbase?  It's a trend I've been seeing lately on Steam forums and elsewhere.  It seems that - and you can pick pretty much any game here - there are people driven by an unswerving need to hop on a message board and just start hating on the people who enjoy a particular game, and hating on the game itself.  It takes on an almost religious fervor with them.  You cannot reason with them, they offer no real facts or logic to their opinion but throw out baseless assertions, insults - you name it.  Some of the arguments I've seen are worse than the usual political or science vs. religion arguments.  It's really quite irrational.  If you try to reason with them or explain something you're labeled as a fanboy and an imbecile that will say whatever because you're a fanboy and obviously they know better than you because your position is biased.  Yeah...  :wtf:

Now I would understand this better if it were a case of someone comparing competing titles in the same genre, such as someone liking Unreal Tournament and not liking Quake 3 or vice-versa, or Doom vs Duke Nukem, etc.  At least there's preference as some kind of motivation.  What happens is some random person hears something about a game, jumps into a discussion or starts a thread, and then is just a complete ass to everyone.  What's worse is that what's left by said ass tends to draw flies, and they don't stop at one post.  It becomes a back-and-forth flamewar.  I would dismiss this as trolling but when I pay attention to how these people post they're serious about it.  They go out of their way to keep arguing.  It does make me wonder if the people doing this aren't normally griefers and cheaters in whatever games they do play.  Have they been foiled to the point that they can't ruin people's fun that way so they have to try another?  They certainly seem like the type to me.  Is this a new level of meanness that's inherent in humanity?  Have these people always been there and forum moderators are just being slack in their responsibilities and not swinging the ban hammer enough? 

So that's my rant.  I do not like these people and I do not understand, beyond just some base form of intrinsic meanness, what motivates people to behave like this when it comes to gaming.  Perhaps someone else here could shed some light on why it seems these clowns are on the increase.

Title: Re: Haters Gonna Hate, But Why?
Post by: scalliano on 2015-10-08, 00:06
What motivates them? Having a platform, probably. I see it on a lot of the game-specific forums I frequent too - you'll get a certain band of kids (at least, I hope they're kids) endlessly bashing the latest installment of a particular series and how anyone who happens to like it is a shill and not a true fan because any true fan would know that it's RUINED FOREVER (the main forum which covers a popular sandbox crime game franchise is particularly guilty of this ;) ). Maybe they just get off on the backlash they generate. Experience has taught me not to get involved.

What I will say is that the aforementioned forum does have a lot of those people whining about their "harmless" hacks/exploits being patched out and how they're being punished for "just having fun". Yeah, right.

Title: Re: Haters Gonna Hate, But Why?
Post by: Phoenix on 2015-10-08, 23:26
Harmless hacks and exploits... yeah that's always a good one.  When someone's "fun" consists of ruining the game for others they deserve to be punished for it.  It's one thing to have a quirky behavior that anyone can do, such as strafe-jumping or rocket-jumping in Quake, or something that's really not all that useful for the most part, like wall running in Doom.  It's another to have an exploit that makes some part of the game behave in a way it was never intended to that makes things entirely unfair to other players.

It reminds me of when Counter-Strike was still just a mod for Half-Life and they first introduced grenades.  I still remember a game where someone would join the team, then drop a grenade right in the middle of everyone at spawn to get the whole team killed.  That person would then drop from the server and then someone else would join and do the same thing with a different name and IP address.  It was my first experience with what would later be known as griefing.  To this day I despise griefers more than any other kind of cheaters.

I think my fondest memory of playing Quake 2 was a server where someone showed up with an aimbot cheat on Warenouse and camped with the railgun at a spot where two spawnpoints were visible, and the spawn behavior would put you at one and then the other so you'd get killed twice.  You couldn't get to him without exposing yourself and the aimbot would rail you.  There was one way to get to where he was, but he had a buddy that camped up the box track to keep people from attacking the bot camper with grenades from the that side.  Two aimbots with railguns working together was intolerable.  Since I had very bad ping I was used to using the grenade launcher and hand grenades a lot and I managed to toss a hand grenade up through the hole in the wall where the box train went through and blow up the guy camping the box track.  He couldn't see me from that side, so his railgun was useless and it caught him completely off guard.  After he was taken out I was able to flank the other cheater and lob a few grenades off the wall and around the corner to bounce them into the spawn camper, killing him.  After that the entire server ganged up on the bot cheater since he lost his railgun and was no longer untouchable.  We spawn raped the !@#! out of him.  Both he and his accomplice left on the next map and didn't come back.  What I liked best about this wasn't my personally taking out the two cheaters, though I must admit that was pretty awesome, but it was watching the entire player base on the server work together as a team to just absolutely destroy the worthless griefers once they were given the right opportunity.  It was the kind of turnabout that we honest players never seem to get... and it was glorious.