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Title: The Phoenix Nest
Post by: Phoenix on 2017-04-03, 04:32
I have my Generations Arena server in the list on the site, but occasionally my IP address changes.  After some network hardware changes, this server is now visible on Qtracker, so anyone wishing to play .99f should be able to see it under the Internet Games section of Quake 3 Arena.  You'll want to play on The Phoenix Nest.  The Beta Test server is for internal beta testing only and is passworded to avoid connection issues.

In addition, I host the Clan MMA Quake 2 Rocket Arena 2 server.  The server is password protected to keep the games cheater free and friendly, and is also now visible on Qtracker.  The password is available on request to any forum members.  Just send me a PM if you're interested.

Title: Re: The Phoenix Nest
Post by: jeeBUS on 2017-09-06, 01:21
If you all still get together for weekly/bi-weekly RA2 matches I would love to join in.

if there is a thread for this info, point me there, I did a little searching but everyone uses RA2 as a reference point too frequently to make it easy to track down a thread.

Title: Re: The Phoenix Nest
Post by: Phoenix on 2017-09-06, 01:38
I sent you a private message with server details.  :doom_thumb: