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Title: Gen-TA weapons
Post by: Assamite on 2017-12-27, 01:14
Wow, it's been over a decade since I last checked in, I think?

In any case, I came in on a whim, and lo and behold, what do I see? Support for Team Arena, and not only that, they're based on the Mission Packs of yore!

So as always, I'm curious about a few things. For one, what's the final loadout for each class? (I don't blame you for wanting to keep things under wraps.) How many of them have some kind of basis, and how many of them are wholly original? And finally, what prompted the decision to incorporate TA?

Title: Re: Gen-TA weapons
Post by: Phoenix on 2017-12-27, 06:45
TA support was something I had to consider whether or not we were going to pursue once we got to the point of animating the player model torsos to handle additional weapon stances, ie, dual gatling guns requiring new frames and an additional tag, and melee animations (axe swing, etc).  There were two paths we could take:  Path 1 would be to animate the player models, fix all the other stuff needed for 1.0, and release that, then decide to go back and put TA stuff in, which means animating all the player models again to add the new stances.  Path 2 would be to add the TA stuff in first, animate all the player models only once, finish up any bug fixing, game modes, and menu changes, etc, then release 1.0 with the TA stuff included. 

I opted for Path 2 as it just seemed more logical to complete all the code and animations one time around rather than try to backtrack - especially after release and with the potential for bug-related post-release patching.  It delays the final release, but it also gives functionality and adds variety of gameplay.  The other factor that pushed me in this direction was engine-side changes.  It all kind of evolved together and code-wise made more sense.

Now, as for the weapon lineup, there's no secrets there!  The descriptions below are not "canon" to what will be in the manual and on the Gallery pages, but highlight each weapons' features.  Right now the Slipgater weapons are in the gallery.  Strogg weapons are in the process of being textured.  The Earth and Doom weapons are completed, and will be added to the gallery at milestone points as we get the Strogg weapons textured.

Arena Gladiators:  Receive the TA Nailgun, Chaingun, and Prox Launcher, as expected.  Replacement weapons for each Generation will be listed below with the Arena spawn weapon listed in parenthesis.

Earth Solders:  Hellstorm (Nailgun), Fireball Gun (Chaingun), Dynamite (Prox Launcher)

The Hellstorm is a modified mortar cannon loaded with special shells that contain a thermobaric charge.  On impact, it explodes out in a ring of fire that is capable of pulverizing a single opponent and barbecuing any nearby friends.  Anyone (un)fortunate enough to live through the blast will have to contend with burning to death shortly after.  The reload time is longer than the mortar, but the show is well worth it.  Rocket-jumping is not recommended.  Does not share ammo with the normal mortar.

The Fireball Gun is like the flamethrower, but uses a different fuel mixture and is designed more for medium range work.  Instead of a steady stream of napalm you get rapid-fire burning projectiles that ignite anything in their path and keep going for several seconds or until they explode against something solid.  Does not share ammo with the Napalm Launcher.

Dynamite is self-explanatory.  Just turn the dial and throw.  It will explode after the timer runs out or anyone comes close enough to trigger its proximity sensor.  The blast is huge, so don't get caught in it yourself.  You can only carry a max of 5 of these.  They can be shot and blown up, so if you see enemy dynamite, drop some lead on it.  Dynamite can be picked up wherever prox launchers or proximity mine ammo is found, and are color coded by team.  Dynamite can be thrown into Invulnerability Spheres to juice players.

Doom Warriors:  Ion Cannon (Nailgun),  Heavy Chaingun, (Chaingun) Tesla Mines (Prox Launcher)

The Ion Cannon is an experimental, modified plasma rifle that fires a burst of highly unstable plasma rounds.  Shortly after launching, they split and fork into high-velocity ion spikes.  This acts like an ion "shotgun", reaching out past the effective range of normal shotguns.  The spikes inflict massive trauma, the plasma projectiles deal less damage, so it's not as effective at closer ranges as the Combat Shotgun.  The plus side is it's ammo efficient and packs a punch at range.  The downside is that it can be tricky to aim, and at longer ranges the spread starts to degrade.  It does not share ammo with the Plasma Rifle or BFG9000.

The Heavy Chaingun* is a modified Chaingun* that fires magnum 3 pellet .410 gauge shotshells.  This triples the damage and hit probability over the normal chaingun.  Devastating at close range, but lacking the first-shot precision of the normal chaingun, it's can stand up to the Arena Gladiators' Chaingun while maintaining a flatter spread.  Requires its own ammo source.

*The .99f and prior "Heavy Chaingun" has been renamed "Chaingun" to differentiate the weapons.

Tesla Mines are sneaky little disks that, when thrown, will adhere to any surface, including other players both friend or foe.  Once attached, a dynamo spins up and anything that gets too close receives a strong electric shock.  They'll even attack other mines, such as prox mines or dynamite thrown down by enemy players.  Tesla mines explode after a while, or if they take enough damage.  When attached to a player they'll deliver a devastating shock to whoever they're attached to, and anyone nearby.  The more mines attached, the larger the shock, and the higher the voltage - reaching out farther and dealing more damage as a result.  If attached under water they'll activate, but like the Thunderbolt, electricity and water don't mix.  The sensor range is shorter underwater, but don't go swimming near them and use caution if you decide to blow them up.  Remember, when it comes to mines, the more the merrier - unless you're on the receiving end.  Tesla Mines come in packs of 5 wherever Prox Launchers or Proximity Mine ammo can be found.  Mines are color coded by team and won't attack friendly mines or players.  Tesla Mines can be thrown into Invulnerability Spheres to juice players.

Slipgaters:  Mjolnir (Nailgun), Laser Cannon (Chaingun), Proximity Gun (Prox Launcher)

These weapons are derived from the Quake mission pack Scourge of Armagon.  Please see the descriptions in the Wirehead Gallery for more information on these.  Proximity Mines can be lobbed into Invulnerability Spheres to juice players.

Strogg Troopers:  Phalanx Particle Cannon (Nailgun), Ion Ripper (Chaingun), Trap (Prox Launcher)

These weapons are derived from the Quake 2 mission pack:  The Reckoning.  I will explain them here for those unfamiliar with the mission pack.

The Phalanx Particle Cannon is best described as a double-barreled rocket launcher for all intents and purposes.  It fires two magnesium slugs in quick succession, which deal considerable damage upon impact.  Alone each one is less powerful than a rocket, but together they're absolutely devastating.  Does not share ammo with any other weapon.  Also of note, this weapon has been slightly beefed up from the Mission Pack.  The original had the secondary projectile doing much less damage than the first.  We've tweaked the secondary projectile to be of equal power to put the weapon on-par with the other Nailgun-class weapons, though the self-damage on the secondary projectile has been kept the same for those who still wish to rocket-jump with it.

Where the Hyperblaster departed from the Laser Cannon by eliminating the dangerous ricochet, the Ion Ripper sought to turn that liability into something useful.  The result is a slower-firing but more controllable weapon.  Each boomerang-shaped projectile will bounce off surfaces and keep traveling for a few seconds or until they hit something hurtable, and each one does twice the damage of a blaster bolt.  It's the perfect weapon for covering a retreat, saturating a narrow hallway, or flushing out what might be lurking around the next corner.  Shares cells with the Hyperblaster and BFG10K.  Uses 2 cells per shot.

Traps are insidious little mines that generate a particle field that acts as a localized gravity well.  Once caught in the tractor field, escape is very difficult.  Coming in contact with the trap is a guaranteed gibbing.  The trap will then eject a power cube that will boost your health by 50 points, even over your normal 100 point max.  If an invulnerable player comes in contact with a trap it will overload and explode, and if no victim is found it will blow up after a short time.  A change from The Reckoning is that these traps can be shot and disabled with enough damage, though they will explode and cause damage to anything nearby.  In teamplay, traps will only grab enemy players.  Traps can be found anywhere Proxmine Launchers and Proximity Mine Ammo can be found.  Trap particle effects are colored for teamplay.  Traps can be thrown into Invulnerability Spheres to juice players.

That covers the weapons.  Also included in Team Arena mode are the persistent powerups.  There's still the option to add the roving CTF techs in place of or in addition to the persistent powerups, and if desired, the persistent powerups can be replaced with persistent CTF techs.  The options are as follows:

1)  No persistent powerups, no roving techs.
2)  Persistent powerups, no roving techs.
3)  Persistent powerups, roving techs.
4)  Persistent techs, no roving techs.
5)  Persistent techs, roving techs.

Persistent techs spawning in place of persistent powerups will behave the same way for pickup purposes.  If they are on a team-colored pedastal, only that team may take them.  If they spawn on a gold (neutral) pedastal (see MPterra3 under the BFG platform), any team may take them.  Roving techs can be picked up by any player from either team.  Only one persistent powerup, persistent tech, or roving tech may be carried at one time.

Holdable Items:  Team Arena mode adds the following holdable items:

Invulnerability Sphere

Gameplay modes:  Team Arena mode supports the following gameplay modes at this time:

Team Deathmatch
1-flag CTF

Unless otherwise specified, all Team Arena items, powerups, and gameplay modes behave the same as in normal Team Arena.  At present, the default Team Arena player models and voice taunts and orders are NOT supported.  That may be added prior to release.  Got to get the other characters animated first.  In all likelihood the TA player models will be limited to Arena Gladiators class.  Voice taunts/chats might be made available across the board, but one step at a time.

Any other questions, please ask!  :doom_thumb:

Title: Re: Gen-TA weapons
Post by: Assamite on 2018-01-03, 18:04
 :slippy_thumb: :doom_thumb: Very interesting... so is Dynamite the only prox bomb that lack FoF detection, or do they have that, too?

Title: Re: Gen-TA weapons
Post by: Phoenix on 2018-01-05, 06:40
Some interactions between mines can get a little complex and I don't want to post something incorrect here but the basic rule is, in teamplay if it's your team's color it's safe, and if it's the other team's color it's not.  In FFA, don't go near any active mines, traps, or dynamite.  All mines can be destroyed, but Arena Gladiators' mines can only be damaged with explosives.  All other mines can be shot with anything.

Title: Gen-TA models!
Post by: Assamite on 2018-09-05, 22:41
Now that it's official, could I get an answer to this ancient question? :ninja:

Title: Re: Gen-TA weapons
Post by: Phoenix on 2018-09-06, 00:04
Long time no squawk!  Funny, I was just wondering how you were doing the other day.

Answer has been posted in said thread, along with a question of my own. :doomed: