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Title: So What's Going On?
Post by: Phoenix on 2018-06-15, 01:33
I just noticed this particular page hasn't had an update since 2012 when Paul Steed passed away.  I've been focused mostly on the Generations Arena news that I hadn't thought to post an update on the Team page.

Wirehead as a team is definitely much smaller of late.  I'm certainly the most active member on the website, and Generations Arena is coming along, though it can be rough being pretty much the sole content source at this point.  That being said, I would like to take a moment to thank some individuals for what's not always as visible as those rockets flying down the corridors.

First, I must thank Kenny for continuing to keep the website alive.  Without his support this site wouldn't be here and it would be much harder to show off the progress that is being made.  He may not talk much, but his contribution is every bit as important as any content being made.

Second, I must thank Dr. Jones and LeeMon for the help and guidance they've provided along the way as well.  It may not seem like much to you fellas at this point, but when something has come up you've stepped up and righted the ship.

Third, I must thank all past contributors to the team that are not active at present but certainly have made an impact.  Warden, ConfusedUs, Tabun, NicHex, Renalicious, Amphetamine, Vorlonesque, Castle, and anyone else I might not have mentioned, Generations wouldn't exist in its present form without your contributions.

Fourth, I wish to thank all the Beta Testers, the behind-the-scenes heroes who point out mistakes, broken stuff, and provide suggestions that do sometimes make it into the game.  You help a lot more than you realize.

Lastly, I want to thank all the Generations players past and present.  Some of you have been waiting a damn long time by human standards, and I certainly intend on delivering the best Quake mod ever made.  I certainly intend to make sure you get it, and hopefully the recent updates on the Gen board demonstrate that I take this very seriously.  It WILL get done.

As for what the Team is up to, well, the Generations Arena board is where that action is, but thanks for dropping by and reading this.

Title: Re: So What's Going On?
Post by: death_stalker on 2018-06-23, 14:59
Awesome to see this are still running here. Hopefully soon ill be able to get my hands on another PC and install it again. I do miss it. :doom_love:

Title: Re: So What's Going On?
Post by: Kajet on 2018-07-08, 02:11
I'll gladly take whatever thanks I get as a Gen player, seems like I helped pinpoint a bug along the way, But more than anything I miss the weekly games.

Title: Re: So What's Going On?
Post by: Footman on 2018-07-08, 21:06
Not quite dead here, though been busy and dealing with health issues both mental and physical(I won't bore you all with the details). But always good to see this updated.

Title: Re: So What's Going On?
Post by: Angst on 2019-03-05, 18:17
 :doom_love: :doom_love: :doom_thumb:

Title: Re: So What's Going On?
Post by: death_stalker on 2019-04-15, 00:54
Got my hands on a kind of new PC. Still my old one but a different OS. Relearning how to use linux. I put Mint on it and found it takes a quite a bit of work to get a game installed on it. So far I've only gotten Brutal Doom to work. However I did screw it up a bit playing with too many OGL settings at once last night at one time and can't remember what the default setting were lol.  :wall: I'll figure that out then try to figure out how to get Q3 to work on it next.  :doom_thumb:

Title: Re: So What's Going On?
Post by: Phoenix on 2019-04-16, 04:53
Hey there, long time no squawk!

Q3 Linux Native should work.  At least, it did when I was still running Kubuntu.  I haven't tried a newer build since Breezy Badger, so it's been a while.

Title: Re: So What's Going On?
Post by: death_stalker on 2019-04-16, 05:59
To be honest I can't remember what mint is derived from ATM. But seems to be pretty user friendly-ish. I'll check that out though because I'm pretty stumped on the install. I'll do more research on Wed and Thurs. Days off, perfect time to do some digging. I did fix Brutal Doom though... not sure how but runs like a dream. Now just trying to figure out where it writes its screenshot at. So far the internet is no help. Too many versions of linux out there. Keep getting a brick wall  :wall: lol


Obviously the save files are going to the same place according to the console but both of them don't have the same path as it says... home folder/games/zandronum/.config.... there is no .config folder there. I'm a bit confused. The save files are going to the same folder but it's not there but I can load it. Not sure were it's going and don't know how to find it. 

Title: Re: So What's Going On?
Post by: Angst on 2019-05-02, 21:16
Mint is Debian with an Ubuntu garnish.