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Title: POOM
Post by: Phoenix on 2020-12-15, 05:12
Is your machine not up to running Doom Eternal?  Want to go really, really old-school?  Try out POOM:


It's Doom if it had been made for a NES-style console from the late 1980's, and runs from your browser.  There's 6 levels, with music (the first three levels use the same music, then it changes).  There are a few secret areas behind doors.


E/Up Arrow: Forward
S: Strafe Left
D/ Down Arrow: Backpedal
F: Strafe Right

Left Arrow:  Turn left
Right Arrow:  Turn Right

Space/M1: Fire
M2:  Open/USE

Enter:  Open Weapon Select, then:
   Up Arrow - Plasma Gun
   Left Arrow - Shotgun
   Down Arrow - Chaingun
   Right Arrow - Rocket Launcher
Mouse - Look left and right


Title: Re: POOM
Post by: Woodsman on 2020-12-15, 20:54
I got my daughter a raspberry pi for Christmas. She loves doom so while i was working on getting a port running i had her play the SNES port of doom. It was funny because she seemed confused and i tried explaining that 25 years ago Doom on the SNES was a major technical achievement but that didn't seem to impress.  :!:

Title: Re: POOM
Post by: Phoenix on 2020-12-16, 04:32
I just watched a video of someone doing a playthrough of E1.  I watched up to the end of Nuclear Plant.  It was.... painful, seeing the concessions that had to be made to get that working.  I can see why she wasn't impressed.  From a technical standpoint I know that was a minor miracle getting that running even to that degree, but to me that's the equivalent of the London Philharmonic Orchestra being commissioned to hold a concert in a high school cafeteria and cutting half the strings and brass out so they could fit.  Yes, you're getting the a version of the LPO in concert, but why even bother?

Title: Re: POOM
Post by: Woodsman on 2020-12-16, 15:25
yeah but at least the SNES version had an excuse, the 3do, 32x and saturn ports were also garbage and they should have been able to swing it.

Title: Re: POOM
Post by: Woodsman on 2020-12-16, 15:41
and lets not forget SNES doom had a snazzy red cartridge

Title: Re: POOM
Post by: Phoenix on 2020-12-17, 01:02
Points for the red cartridge.  :doom_love:

Title: Re: POOM
Post by: Orbital-S2D on 2021-01-06, 05:42
the 3do port was completed in 10 weeks I believe

Title: Re: POOM
Post by: Kajet on 2021-01-09, 18:15
Dunno how relevant this is but apparently the Saturn port is much worse than the programmer wanted due to  Carmack wanting it to not use the hardware and it being as similar to the PC version as possible

Source: https://youtu.be/sKk36WKWGUs?t=572

Title: Re: POOM
Post by: Woodsman on 2021-01-09, 21:45
Yeah there are all sorts of tales about the doom console ports. I've personally played it on the SNES, Jaguar, PSX and GBA. Of those the PSX version was easily the best, particularly for its sound design but even that port had to make some concessions but they weren't too extreme. Final Doom for the PSX was about the same quality. Now Doom 64 is an entirely different animal and a under appreciated classic in my mind and I'm glad the recent doom games made it cannon.

Title: Re: POOM
Post by: Kajet on 2021-01-15, 03:48
The very first time I played DooM was on my brother's PSX, that seems like forever and a half ago