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 on: 2017-12-17, 05:59 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by Phoenix
In my copy it's spelled Mjolnir.  I just tested in hipdm1.  It's spelled the same in the source code and the manual.  Perhaps it's a localization thing?

Yeah, I can make some videos now, but I won't be making that many.  I want to focus on the development first.  The weapons for the Strogg Troopers need texturing still, and that's a major project for me so I'll be working on that.  I'll post some more teasers on the Doom and Earth weapons at points during that process (probably when I complete something and need a break before starting the next texture), along with adding their weapons to the picture galleries.

 on: 2017-12-16, 13:23 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by diegomula
finally you will upload videos Slipgate - Laugh

that's so nice, we NEED more information about this mod game...

so many years waiting for this

 on: 2017-12-16, 07:09 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by KAIL333XZ
That was so great! The Mjolnir is really badass! (However it was called 'Mjolner' in the game).
Proxmity Grenade Launcher is obviously ok.
The Laser Cannon is also nice.  Slipgate - Thumbs up!

 on: 2017-12-16, 06:08 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by Phoenix
A preview video is available on YouTube here:

 on: 2017-12-12, 05:49 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by Phoenix
I'll see what I can do.   Slipgate - Smile

 on: 2017-12-11, 12:35 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by KAIL333XZ
Scourge of Armagon guns look epic!  Slipgate - Thumbs up! Will you post some gameplay videos with them?

 on: 2017-12-11, 08:48 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by Phoenix
Hungry for something new to see?  Wirehead has been hard at work pushing 1.0 forward.  Most of the changes so far have been internal code modifications and those are hard to show, but we've finally got some new eye candy for you.  As promised, some more Team Arena goodness.  This time, for the Slipgaters.

First up, the Mjolnir.  This can be found anywhere an Arena Gladiator picks up a Nailgun.

Next is the Proximity Gun.  It's spawns wherever Arena Gladiators get their Prox Launcher, and works fairly similar, though Quake veterans will appreciate the differences.

Finally, we have the Laser Cannon.  Who needs a chaingun when you've got freakin' LASERS that bounce off walls?

More will be added to the gallery as we move forward, so stay tuned.

 on: 2017-11-10, 09:25 
Started by Gnam - Last post by Phoenix
I just don't seem to be very good with Champions.  I had been doing well with Nyx for a while, but after the last update it feels like I'm slogging through mud and aiming is downright difficult.  I've seen some strange behavior, like one player whose movement was all jittery, and projectiles from the nailgun was passing through him.  As for aiming... it seems like the mouse movement is coarse, even with smoothing turned on.  I can peg someone across the map with the rail in Q3, but in Champions?  I'm lucky if I can hit someone down a hallway.  I feel like the only way I'm getting kills right now is going berserk as Doomguy.  I'm really wanting to like this game, but for some reason I just can't get any good at it, whereas in Q2 or Q3 I may be rusty but I can hold my own just fine.  Slipgate - Surprised

 on: 2017-10-30, 19:38 
Started by ~Va^^pyrA~ - Last post by DescX
Definitely thinking about cross-platform here. AngelScript uses JIT, and has wide support for calling conventions on many platforms, all of which it wraps nicely into a black box.

It's unlikely that I'll have time/inclination to build and maintain project files. So while the sky might be the limit, I'm only building for Win x86 right now, with plans for x86/x64 Linux and Windows. I don't care enough about OSX to build for it to be quite honest, but an Android ARM option might show up assuming the Linux build isn't painful to get working.

Everything I'm using is standard c99/cpp and known to compile on many platforms without hidden OS dependencies. AngelScript supports x86, x64, MIPS, ARM, Xenon, and PPC out of the box. Other stuff I've added includes stl (C++14 level at most), freetype2 (making it required now), nlohmann JSON (header only), and my home-grown bits. I'm considering POCO and ICU for some features, but that's it for big frameworks. Certainly no boost.

And just one update: the hunk allocation strategy supplied in the ioquake3/id base blew up in my face yesterday. I'm roughly 50% of the way through moving to using a shared_ptr factory in place of malloc. Crazy? Yes. Wish me luck...

 on: 2017-10-29, 03:27 
Started by ~Va^^pyrA~ - Last post by Phoenix
That's an impressive feat.  I'm definitely looking forward to seeing where you go with this.

I am curious over one thing.  If you've ditched the .qvm functionality, have you considered the implications for cross-platform compiling?  That was the main pro for the .qvm's is their portability and keeping the game source separate from the engine.

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