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 on: 2020-11-03, 02:53 
Started by Woodsman - Last post by Woodsman
As far as the ammo goes as a stand alone map I think its good the way it is, but as a part of an episode or megawad I'll make the adjustments as needed depending on where the map ends at. I'm already at work on another map, A Serious Sam style map with hordes of enemies in a giant graveyard. Feast your eyes on "rest in pieces"

 on: 2020-11-03, 02:01 
Started by Woodsman - Last post by Phoenix
I sent a PM with a few straggling bugs.

The revised level is darn near perfect.  Difficulty is challenging but not absurdly evil, I like the placement of the chaingun in the hallway as it felt a bit empty before, and usually handing someone a weapon is a sign that the next room will be trouble so that's nice foreboding.  The only thing I can think of that might add some more flavor would be to put a doomguy corpse in front of the door before you enter.  Changes to the cyber platform are great.  He's a threat now, but a manageable one if you keep moving.  If you wanted to make a real dickmove for that room you could keep the cyber in a teleport box outside the room that, when the player shoots, he wakes up and teleports in onto the platform.  You could use the Doom 1 teleport box trick for that (E1M9 with the pentagram - the little channel in the wall that links the room).  With the shotgunners placed the way they are the player would be a little ways in the room before attacking and the cyber roar combined with a teleport sound will give a nice startle and make the player either rush back to the door or else forward up the stairs or get blown up from indecision.  It would also keep the player from hanging back at the door since right now you see the cyber as soon as the door opens.  I have another idea for that room that I'll PM you.

I like the switch of the rocket launcher and the SSG in the red skull key spawn.

Regarding ammo management, it felt like there was the right amount of ammunition this time around.  I didn't feel excessively confident with how many shotgun shells I had at the beginning of the map, and it really gives an incentive to find that backpack secret.  If I was coming into the level fully loaded from another map I'd think it to be too much, but from a pistol start it feels very balanced.

 on: 2020-11-01, 18:18 
Started by Woodsman - Last post by Woodsman
Thank you for the look over and for the notes, I'm working on the bugs as we speak. My goal was to make something challenging given we've all had almost 3 decades to get good but i also wanted it to be fair, Plutonia dickish, not Sigil dickish. Since the last version I sent you I've also learned more about how teleport traps work and that will be reflected in the next version, along with a few additional dick moves. I'm considering doing an episode instead of just one map, I'm even thinking of working in a story to the extent that can be done in a doom wad ( I don't know how to do the end of level text yet) but I'm also thinking of releasing the map by itself so i can see what other doomers thinking before i crank out 12 or 32 maps. All of the sporking around I've done with the build engine and later Radiant this is the closest I've ever come to releasing something, its exciting.

 on: 2020-11-01, 09:40 
Started by Woodsman - Last post by Phoenix
Sorry it took so long, I had less time to look at the map earlier in the week so I didn't get a really good play through until today.  I'm sending you a PM with a download link to a zip file with a list of bugs I found along with screenshots to help track them down.  It's 17MB so it's too big to email.  Let me know if the download borks.  I was having trouble with the site throwing me 404 errors but I think I worked around that.

I only did my testing on Ultra-Violence, so my comments will reflect that difficulty level.  I can run through the other difficulties (minus nightmare) if you like.

Overall layout is good.  The secrets are findable but not excessively obvious and not too obscure to find.  None of the areas felt overly claustrophobic or difficult to move in.  The few tight or crowded spots had weaker enemies so it was a good balance.

Visually the level is fantastic.  Each room flows into the next and nothing felt out of place or was very jarring.  I will admit this is my first look at a GZdoom map with colored lighting.  I'm used to classic maps, but I love eye candy and the use of color is very appealing.

Combat-wise I never felt under-gunned as far as ammo and weapons were concerned.  From a pistol start I was able to complete the map with a surplus of ammo.  If anything the ammo might be a little too plentiful, but that's going to depend on how difficult you want to make ammo management for a player.  I'm very conservative with ammo usage.  I don't know how trigger-happy the average Doomer is.  Health and armor placement was pretty much perfect, with the exception of the blue potion staircase.  That's a lot of potions.  You might want to cut that in half?  Not a big deal, just got my attention.

Monster count and type were very well done.  The placement in the traps was good, and there was always a way to fight and win the situation.  I see where the level gets its name - there should be an "s" on the end of it as there were several of those.  The archvile placement was very clever but again the fights were winnable.  The circular room layout really made that work since you can break line-of-sight with the archvile, lure the other monsters out around the center room, then charge back around hammer the archvile with rockets or SSG blasts before he does too much resurrecting.

I felt like I was playing a level that was about a level 8 or 9 if it were in a megawad and not just a one-off level.  Every battle and trap had a counter if you used your brain.  Running in guns blazing isn't always the right answer, and I tend to be a more cautious player and this map rewards that kind of game play.  Other than the bugs I found I can't rally think of anything negative.  I'm quite impressed, and that's not easy to do.
  Doom - Thumbs Up!

 on: 2020-10-30, 00:28 
Started by Woodsman - Last post by Angst
Yeah, I've found that the best "strategy" as the slayer is quite simply "rip and tear" because I end up with so many matches where both demons have loot block, so I just get my loot from THEM...

 on: 2020-10-29, 04:36 
Started by Woodsman - Last post by Phoenix
I've played a fair amount of Battlemode, and while it's fun it's not without problems.  You're limited to 3 players and it's 2 vs 1 which is hilariously bad to balance on player skill.  At first the Slayer was wrecking the demons, then they started nerfing the Slayer's weapons.  They also just removed the Destroyer Blade and Microwave Beam from Battlemode.  Why I have no Idea.  I've never been hit by a blade when playing, and I've seen the MWB used exactly once.  Unless you're a Godlike battlemode player you're probably going to lose as a Slayer.  Just yesterday I played Battlemode as a Revenant, other demon was a Pain Elemental, and the Slayer we were against had an Immortal tag and a golden Maykr Slayer outfit - meaning he had done the DLC in Ultra-Nightmare.  I figured for sure he'd slaughter us, but we went 3-0 on the Demon side.  He didn't stand a chance, and when we chatted a bit after the match he said what is a definite glaring flaw:  "It's very hard to get practice in at Battlemode".

That's the biggest problem right there.  For SP you can practice strategy over and over and improve.  With Battlemode you're thrown into a match and the strategies that may work in the SP game don't work in Battlemode since the player-controlled demons are different from the in-game demons in abilities.  The Soul Shield for the Pain Elemental is good example of that.  Then there's no way to learn the maps without playing, and it's so frantic and chaotic you have demons spawned all over you and you don't know which way to go.  It's very harsh for newer players.  If there was a practice mode with some AI "player" demons (and an AI Slayer) it would go a long way to having more people play.

 on: 2020-10-29, 04:20 
Started by Woodsman - Last post by Woodsman
I'm basking in anticipation

 on: 2020-10-28, 15:24 
Started by Woodsman - Last post by Angst
'16 could certainly be more fun than eternal's Battlemode-only.. On the one hand, it's kind of fun, on the other, I'd have preferred it as an optional secondary or tertiary mode..

 on: 2020-10-27, 04:28 
Started by Woodsman - Last post by Phoenix
I got your email.  I'll be doing some testing over the next few days. Doom - Thumbs Up!

 on: 2020-10-27, 03:00 
Started by Woodsman - Last post by Woodsman
Its done. I think I'm actually going to release this one once i get some play testing done.

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