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 on: 2017-10-23, 05:18 
Started by Gnam - Last post by Phoenix
OK, so I just read THIS THREAD on the Quake Champions discussion page.  This is inexcusable, and I posted this so everyone can know that yes, that's ME posting it:

OK, after watching this video I am SERIOUSLY mad.


I don't go bragging on myself, but I'm a ♥♥♥♥ing AMATEUR HOBBIEST MODDER and I can code better than this! Another coder and myself FIXED the FPS-dependent movement physics in Q3 with a simple TABLE so that 125 FPS movement is possible from 20FPS up to whatever. How ♥♥♥♥ing hard is it to code a FIXED logical framerate and visually interpolate and extrapolate the time when EVERY QUAKE GAME IN THE PAST ALREADY DOES THIS? Someone's getting PAID to do what I and probably every other Quake modder can do better FOR FREE. It's a God-damned INSULT to see an Id title with this kind of ♥♥♥♥♥♥ behavior. I've excused a lot for it being Early Access, but this should have been fixed during ALPHA. There's NO excuse for this.

I call a challenge here. Id, Bethesda, if you read these forums, message me and you can pay me HALF of what these chimps are making to fix this. I'm dead serious. Marty, Tim... www.wireheadstudios.org. Reg there and talk to me. We've touched with Todd H. in the past to keep us straight with you on legal stuff for our project. You know Lee'Mon. Quake deserves better than this, dammit!

So there it is.  I'm throwing down the gauntlet to Id to get this fixed.  If their current batch of programmers can't fix something this basic I'm willing to step up to the plate and do it myself to save the Quake reputation.  I've never claimed to be an expert programmer but if these guys are seriously this bad then Champions will be the title to sink the Quake name forever, and that just can't be allowed to happen.  Banging Head against Wall

 on: 2017-10-20, 21:09 
Started by Gnam - Last post by ~Va^^pyrA~
That's pretty neat, actually. I had assumed that Kane was being avoided in QC more so because of Id's lack of input on Q4, and overall lukewarm reception at the time. Being a "good" Strogg certainly gives him plenty of interesting angles to use.

Now I await Dangerous Dave's appearance....

 on: 2017-10-19, 15:43 
Started by Gnam - Last post by Gnam

Perhaps the aforementioned "Raine" is Nicolas Raine, from Rage? It'd be pretty cool to see him and Keen make an appearance.

I have to wonder why there isn't really anyone from the Quake 2 universe already, though. Visor is some "Russian soldier" instead of a Strogg cyborg?
Actually in Q3 lore, Visor was never said to be strogg. I agree he looks like a strogg, but the official lore just refers to him as a "warrior clone" possibly from "Terra".


There was a fan-made series of CG movies which said Visor was a strogg modified by the Vadrigar for the arena, but that was essentially fan fiction. The official lore leaves visor's identity ambiguous, but given that the origins of other Q2 characters like Tank Jr, Bitterman, etc. are expressly indicated in the Q3 lore, why would they keep Visor's strogg identity a secret if that's really what was intended?

On this note though, it's funny that the QC mod for Doom has already included Kane as the champion with Q4 movement, while real QC just uses Slash:


 on: 2017-10-13, 18:53 
Started by ~Va^^pyrA~ - Last post by Angst
Oh Shazbot, I may need to keep an eye on this.

 on: 2017-10-10, 16:10 
Started by ~Va^^pyrA~ - Last post by DescX
Hey folks! I'm a modder from ages ago. My project is gearing up to replace Entity Plus in most ways. While I'm writing code primarily to support myself, I'd be ecstatic if others could benefit from it!

Just got in touch with Phoenix not long ago, started cruising the boards today and this thread caught my eye. I don't mean to hijack the thread, and re-reading my post it does sound like an advertisement, but that wasn't my intent when I started writing it. Sorry =\. The community is so fractured now I'm not sure of the best place to post anything. So... hopefully this finds you all well Slipgate - Smile.

I've got no plans for a full scale single player experience, but I've yet to see anyone taking the approach I'm following. EP is the closest one, but the mod suffers from the same willy-nilly parser/language problems most Q3 mods suffer from, and their scope is definitely more limited. I've introduced JSON definitions that are built around WYSIWYG feature toggles for everything VQ3 and beyond, with everything implemented as generically as possible (attached: samples, covers roughly 25% of features implemented so far).

Currently, two big barriers to sharing, possibly complete deal breakers:

1) Massively alters VQ3 code. VMs are gone as I'm compiling C++11/14. Pure PK3s are getting replaced with on-disk hash checks. ~10kloc of original id source has been outright deleted and replaced with functions that have a wider responsibility. I might switch to using the XREAL renderer if I can find a way to avoid having to make specialized maps. And on, and on...

2) I won't have code to download for another month or two. It's an #ifdef mess right now, and I'm not putting out the whole shebang until I have clean-ish nightly builds for at least *nix and Windows.

Currently working stuff:
- define an arbitrary number of player classes/weapons/items
- reloads everything important on the next full map load; massively speeds up development
- allows for a model's shaders to be replaced at runtime on a per-surface basis
- uses AngelScript in select places (currently just player abilities)
- physics additions like "realistic stair stepping", ledge climbing, wall kicks, QW air control, etc
- TTF fonts everywhere; monospace not required

Considering it's only taken about two weeks of effort to get this much done, motivation is high, and I fully expect to complete this beast, hopefully before the new year. I've still got these big ticket features on the radar:
- custom entity placement per map
- scriptable entity triggers via AngelScript
- game modes running via AngelScript
- arbitrary number of teams
- sound shaders
- total replacement of q3_ui, TA ui, and HUDs via AngelScript
- loading multiple BSPs into the same worldspace

I love Generations - it inspired me to make a few class based mods years ago. But I never went about implementation the "right way", i.e. generically, so this mod is an attempt to come full circle Slipgate - Smile. I plan to bring in classes from my previous mods, as well as ones heavily inspired (but unique enough to pass the IP test) from Quake, Unreal, Painkiller, Tribes, Descent, StarCraft, Doom, Duke, and pretty much any other game I've fancied. Most important, the systems I leave behind should be fully moddable by amateurs, skipping the need for compiled code completely.

If any of this sounds useful, drop me a note and I'll share whatever I can Slipgate - Smile. Some stuff like the physics additions can be copy/pasted, but the definition files are a complete system that wipe out huge parts of VQ3... so if there's interest in the bigger ticket items, I'd probably have to share principles rather than C files Slipgate - Smile.

Looking forward to Generations 1.0! Slipgate - Smile Keep up the good work and stick with it. Should be freakin' awesome!

 on: 2017-09-17, 04:52 
Started by Gnam - Last post by Phoenix
If this happens I'm out:

 on: 2017-09-17, 03:20 
Started by Gnam - Last post by ~Va^^pyrA~
I would be fine with a skin or cosmetic item that referenced an outside game, actually. For example, I would be fine with a Skyrim helmet for Ranger. Of course, I also thought that about Team Fortress 2, and now it's practically a hat simulator. Slipgate - Tongue

 on: 2017-09-17, 01:27 
Started by Gnam - Last post by Phoenix
I'm not too worried about crossover champions.  If they pulled some crap where only people with said Bethesda title had access to the crossover champion, that would be unacceptable.  Special skins, sure, whatever.  As long as it doesn't affect the core game.

 on: 2017-09-16, 21:26 
Started by Gnam - Last post by ~Va^^pyrA~

Tim Willits (who single-handedly invented deathmatch maps) might just be more interested in cross-promoting other Bethesda IPs than proceeding forward with appropriate Id characters. As a fan, I'm okay with them representing Id's heritage. Keen and Raine? Fine. Doomslayer and BJ? Doubly fine. Heck, even Galena is a great addition as a Hexen reference. I just sincerely hope this is all idle chatter and we don't end up seeing the Dragonborn (or Vault Bot) in Quake Champions. I don't want to sound like some old grognard, but that would really be off-putting for me.

That said, the game has felt a lot better the past several days. At least for me. For whatever reason, I've seen a huge decrease in ping and FPS across matches, and have experienced none of the rubber-banding that I was seeing every few ticks just weeks ago. Projectiles still feel way off, but are at least visually going where they should. Rockets don't seem to have any splash damage and I can't hit anything at all with the rail. Nails seem pretty inconsistent as to whether or not they hit, but it's hard to notice given how many you generally let fly at once.

At least the game seems to be slowly shaping up into something.

 on: 2017-09-14, 08:28 
Started by Gnam - Last post by Phoenix
Well, there is a "Strogg" mentioned...
I just hope it doesn't end up looking like a Strogg from Quake 4.

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