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 on: 2018-09-05, 02:30 
Started by Orbital-S2D - Last post by Phoenix
I hear you.  Visually games may have improved, but the core gameplay just isn't as solid.  I compare modern games to Quakeworld.  Talk about a difference in intensity!  Slipgate - Surprised

 on: 2018-09-04, 05:34 
Started by Orbital-S2D - Last post by Orbital-S2D
the new arena shooters are not filling that hole that q3 can...

 on: 2018-08-25, 04:28 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by Phoenix
One spare video card later and the server is operational again.  Doom - Thumbs Up!

 on: 2018-08-24, 03:12 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by Phoenix
My poor server's video card is not in good shape, so I had to take it offline for now.  I'll post when it's back up with working hardware again.  Slipgate - Sad

 on: 2018-08-19, 12:10 
Started by FieldMedic - Last post by FieldMedic
Thank you !
This will help to give me more varied opponents.

And thank you so much for all your work on what's still my favorite Quake3 mod ever. After all those years out of the loop and coming back to the game i still enjoy Generations as much as i did more than 10 years ago.
It's standing the test of time wonderfully !

 on: 2018-08-19, 02:53 
Started by FieldMedic - Last post by Phoenix
There's currently not a way to add bots with custom skins through the command line, though that's a pretty nifty idea so I'll put that on my to-do list.

What you can do for now is make a custom version of the bots.txt file and alter which skins the bots are using.  I'm attaching a zip file to this message.  Just unzip it, alter the file as you like, rezip it (be sure to zip the scripts folder, not just the file, or it won't work!), rename the file from .zip to .pk3, drop it in your generations folder and the next time you add a bot it will use your specified skins.  If you get stuck or it doesn't work just let me know and I'll help you out.
  Doom - Thumbs Up!

 on: 2018-08-18, 16:00 
Started by FieldMedic - Last post by FieldMedic

After a bit more of a decade of having moved away from it, a nostalgia brain cell pushed me into playing again with my old Quake 3.

So after checking old mods i used to enjoy in my botmatches, i ran again into Generations, after making sure i was completely up to date to 0.99f , i remade my old addbot bindings and went right into the nostalgia fun.

As i enjoy mostly FFA with bots, due to the lack of skirmish option in the menu to tailor a FFA with bots to my taste, i have several keybinds that spawn specific bots selection so i fight the opponents that fit my mood.

By example i have in my space key
bind SPACE "addbot sarge earth 3; addbot grunt strogg 3; addbot doom doom 3; addbot ranger slipgate 3; handicap 100"
that add 1 bot of each classes except for an arena one for when i'm playing an arena class and want an all generation fight.

But noticing the presence of those nicely customisable (thanks to the rail color) CPM skins, i would like all of my bots to use them, or the blue or red teamcolors without being in a team match.
Except that i have no idea on how to setup this, as the addbot i have only add bot of their default skin.

Any help please ?

 on: 2018-07-08, 21:06 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by Footman
Not quite dead here, though been busy and dealing with health issues both mental and physical(I won't bore you all with the details). But always good to see this updated.

 on: 2018-07-08, 07:10 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by Phoenix
When I did the colors on it I just used red and yellow to represent two different fuels and to distinguish the weapon and ammo from the orange tanks on the normal flamethrower.  There really was no overt narcissistic intent.  Subconscious narcissism?  Well, I won't deny it.  Slipgate - Love

 on: 2018-07-08, 02:11 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by Kajet
I'll gladly take whatever thanks I get as a Gen player, seems like I helped pinpoint a bug along the way, But more than anything I miss the weekly games.

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