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 on: 2017-08-15, 18:14 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by Angst
Kinda like how every time I purchase a movie I'm forced to watch upwards of 5+ minutes of ads and filthy thief montages until they let me access the media I paid for.

Sad fact is, in cases like this, piracy provides a better quality product.

I had the same reaction to forcing players to use a "play disc" when there was really no non-anti-piracy reason to do so.

I understand trying to protect yourself from theft, but on the other hand, you can't call it a "stolen/lost" sale when it's not one you would have gotten anyway. 's why I like steam. Some devs are bright enough to understand that people may not buy the app at $60, but they'll probably shell out for $10-20, and you have the freedom to do so whenever you want.

 on: 2017-08-12, 14:46 
Started by Gnam - Last post by Thomas Mink
Black & Decker red?

 on: 2017-08-11, 17:59 
Started by Gnam - Last post by Angst
What about Husqvarna blaze orange? XD

 on: 2017-08-06, 05:47 
Started by Gnam - Last post by Phoenix
I'm just glad the nailguns weren't painted DeWalt yellow.  Slipgate - WTF

 on: 2017-08-05, 22:53 
Started by Gnam - Last post by leilei
Quake had enough product placement as it is Slipgate - Tongue

 on: 2017-08-02, 20:06 
Started by Gnam - Last post by Phoenix
Actually, that's DM3, The Abandoned Base, isn't it?  Interesting to know where that came from.  Slipgate - Thumbs up!

 on: 2017-08-02, 19:20 
Started by Gnam - Last post by Gnam

In short, the company Cray offered Id a discount on a Cray 6400 supercomputer if they would portray Cray products within the game somehow. So Romero planned how to show future Cray supercomputers in-game running the slipgates and other in-game tech, and developed models of the slipgates and teleporters with Cray computers built in.

Then before Id ever received their supercomputer, Silicon Graphics bought Cray and shut down the entire deal. Romero had to rebuild the slipgate models without the supercomputers built in, and built out his "computer room" idea into DM6 as a remnant of his concept plans.

 on: 2017-07-29, 06:49 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by Phoenix
I've noticed people ask about the mod on Youtube and in the forums, but I think the .plan section is being completely overlooked.  Anyone that's not part of the internal beta test crew that's wanting to know what's going on in the development of Gen can do so by clicking on my .plan.  To get to it just go to the main website:  www.wireheadstudios.org then look at the .plan section on the left side of the page.  Click my name and you'll find a wealth of information on Gen's development progress.  If you have questions or concerns that Gen is not progressing or is somehow abandoned, please, read the .plan to see where we stand with things.

 on: 2017-07-28, 14:02 
Started by Footman - Last post by Phoenix
I really don't know what to say.  I never expected this to have such a large impact on anyone.  If it's brought you someone some joy then it's been worth the effort, at least for me.  I thank you for the kind words, and don't worry, the journey is far from over.  The best is yet to come.   Doom - Thumbs Up!

 on: 2017-07-28, 08:50 
Started by Footman - Last post by J3E125
Don't want to dedicate a thread to this so I'll post here.

I was a wee little boy when I signed up on these forums 6 years ago. I had just discovered Generations Arena, and I thought it was the greatest idea ever for a mod. I had a lot to learn on here and other retro gaming forums. I learned how to download mods, maps, program, and most importantly create a fondness for old school FPS, a bygone genre supplanted by an unworthy successor (modern mainstream FPS).

Six years later exactly I drove out of town to sign up for classes in the college I will be going to in a few weeks. The end of childhood is a bittersweet experience, as you're old enough to understand what's happening. I'll join most of you in the adult world soon. I'm honestly excited for what lies ahead.

Generations Arena helped shape part of my childhood, and Phoenix is still the best admin I've ever seen in a forum. I might not be the happiest person or the most fortunate, but I cherish the experiences I've had with gaming. I grunt in my head like bitterman when I jump, I try to bunnyhop in every game out of habit, and I'll wait for the release of Generations 1.0.

Our memories and lives are temporary, but when we're pitted against each other to the death, the Arena becomes eternal. Collective experience brought me to where I am. Thanks for Generations, and much more. A little goes a long way in a kid's life.

-Jules (otherwise known as J3E125)

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