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 on: 2017-03-28, 21:54 
Started by Kain-Xavier - Last post by Angst
Also of note... DOPA did not have a single Spawn in the episode, nor any Rotfish.

I Approve!

 on: 2017-03-26, 07:33 
Started by Kain-Xavier - Last post by Phoenix
Also of note... DOPA did not have a single Spawn in the episode, nor any Rotfish.

 on: 2017-03-26, 04:20 
Started by Kain-Xavier - Last post by Phoenix
I just finished playing this finally, after taking another romp through Dissolution of Eternity.  I did all this using Winquake.  Yes... choppy, non-interpolated software rendered Winquake.  Talk about old school.  I still hate the old choppy Q1 model movement.  It's still hilarious watching rottweilers getting buzzed up by the saws in the floor though!

The DOPA episide itself was decent, with only one secret being difficult to find for me.  There's also a nifty easter egg that "lives" on the second to last level.  If I have any gripe it's that the level authors had some kind of fetish for Death Knights - especially the secret level.  It wasn't a very rewarding secret level, it was just a flat out slugfest.  It served to just strip the player of ammo and armor, and it was difficult to get good infighting going between the enemies.  I would have expected at least an armor reward for getting through all that.  I have to agree about the last level being like Shub's pit, minus Shub. 

Moving on from that, let's talk source ports.  For me, too many source ports try to dress things up too much.  I don't like the new effects in Dark Places, and the Q1-style particles are bugged.  Maybe they fixed it since the version I'm running, but they look bad and the grenade smoke doesn't fade properly, and the weapon sway is just wrong.  Straight up GLQuake doesn't cut it, EZQuake doesn't quite do it either... so after some digging around I've discovered what I think is my favorite Q1 sourceport now, and that's Quakespasm.  It fixes GLQuake's issues, adds anisotropic filtering and optional liquid transparency, fixes the nailgun muzzle flash glitch, but keeps the Q1-style particles, weapon sway, and movement.  It also lets me run vsync and set host_maxfps up above 100, resulting in silky smooth movement at 100Hz and interpolated models.  It's soooo much gentler to my eyes I love it.  It also supports larger entity counts so there's a few SP campaigns out there (Soul of Evil, Arcane Dimensions) that will work under it that wouldn't work under normal Q1.  So now I have some extra Q1 stuff to try out the source port on at a later time.

I still maintain that Id missed the boat with the Id Tech 4 engine in making a proper Quake 1 sequel.  Quake 4 should NOT have happened the way it did.  It should have been a proper Q1 sequel, keeping the look and feel of the original but updated to a new engine.  Who knows.  Maybe if Champions does well Id will give Q1 some well deserved love?  We can only hope.

 on: 2017-03-24, 02:59 
Started by Gnam - Last post by Phoenix
I'm not too fond of the fact that item spawns are all glowy and have timer rings.  From the PAX footage I saw, item spawns (such as the Quad) are visible through walls... WTF?  Those are two things I wasn't too thrilled over.  There better be options to turn off the dayglow CPMA-ish brightskin crap or I'm going to hate it.

The champions themselves don't just have some special ability, they have varying max health and armor stats.  For example, Galena had very low armor max - I think 50, and health was 100, whereas Sorlag had 150/150.  You could go over these, but the armor and health would count down to them.  That doesn't bother me too much, but I could see it being a balance issue where the "tank" classes... er, "champions" become unstoppable - unless movement speed is a factor.  Hard to tell from the footage so far.

I'm not sure what this is supposed to bring to the table over Q3A other than updated graphics.  So far I don't see anything groundbreaking, but it is early.  I'll reserve additional judgment until I can get my stupid Bethesda account to actually work and try this thing out...

 on: 2017-03-23, 15:45 
Started by Gnam - Last post by Angst

That is all.

 on: 2017-03-20, 23:50 
Started by Gnam - Last post by Gnam
You can sign up for beta on the official QC site. There's some new trailers out, and some footage floating around from PAX. The official site now provides art, data, and a demo video for most weapons.


Some new tidbits of info:

1) There are alternate weapon skins based on prior Quake games. The Q1 RL and Q2 RG have been seen in addition to the default QC variants.

2) For a starter weapon, you can choose either a single barrel shotgun, "regular" nailgun, or machinegun

3) The Super Nailgun replaces the Plasma Gun. It does 150 dps instead of 200 dps, and possibly has a faster projectile speed. The projectiles are matte gray like Q1, which combined with the high speed and realistic lighting makes them almost impossible to see...I hope this changes.

4) The "super" alternative to the starter MG is the HMG from QL instead of the Chaingun (ugh).

5) The SSG does 120 total damage instead of 100 or 110 of QL and Q3.

6) Item timers are making a return from QL, at least on default server settings

7) Trailers for individual characters will be released as follows:

Nyx - out now
Scalebearer - out now
Anarki - 3/29
Clutch - 4/12
Galena - 4/19
Ranger - 5/3
Visor - 5/10
Sorlag - 5/24

Slash was seen in-game at PAX even though she hasn't been officially announced yet.

 on: 2017-03-11, 04:17 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by Phoenix
Hello there, and welcome to the Wirehead message board, StevieBoss1!  I've sent a private message your way.

 on: 2017-03-10, 09:51 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by StevieBoss1
Hey I have to agree with pheonix that
Well, from my standpoint I think it's better to correct any potential normals problems before trying to animate a mesh.  That way you KNOW the normals are correct before working keyframes into the question.  It's a good thing to know that collapsing the stack kills that off on a pre-existing animation however! :o

As for why flipping normals doesn't fix it, well... it DOES fix it, but it visibly flips the normals inside Max.  That leaves you with the choice of either having the model look right in max and export incorrectly which is very bad for our purposes, or have the model look inverted in max and export correctly, which isn't much of an improvement.  I've never had trouble with normals or mirror functions in Q2m, and I've never heard of other programs having this problem, so I would write this off to being a "max quirk".

If you need a help I can help you. Just send me a private message so we can have a talk. take care

 on: 2017-03-09, 04:48 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by Phoenix
I signed up.  I suppose now I wait.

 on: 2017-03-09, 03:17 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by ~Va^^pyrA~
You can now sign-up for the "closed beta"...


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