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 on: 2016-08-02, 02:32 
Started by Angst - Last post by Phoenix
Picking up where I left off...

Monsters:  Overall, the model work was well done, as well as the texturing.  I didn't notice the texture seams present in the Doom 3 models.  Animations seemed fluid and fitting.

Possessed Civvies/Unwilling:  They looked strange and were noisy.  Threat-wise they were a non-factor.  I found that they pretty much existed for two purposes:  Glory kills to get health and armor (or ammo, depending on rune usage), and for weapon mastery challenges.

Possessed Soldiers:  A lot more dangerous than I expected.  The spammy nature of their guns and a relatively high health for such a low monster made them a problem early in the game when ammo is sparse and you have no runes.  On Ultra-nightmare (I played just The UAC to get the achievement), I found 90% of the death markers from other players were from these guys, with an occasional imp thrown in.  In later levels they're still a nuisance as their projectile spam invariably finds a way of chewing your armor.  I used explosive shells or rockets on these guys whenever possible.

Possessed Security:  Serious pain in the ass, and thank God they're rare.  It takes an insane amount of damage to knock their shields down, and it takes half a second for them to reboot the shield - pretty BS on that part.  If more than one closes in on you then you're toast.  The Gauss Cannon was my favorite tool for killing these guys... otherwise you have to try to get a grenade or rocket behind them.

Possessed Engineers:  Easy frags, and useful for blowing up other Possessed.  Unless you're an idiot they'll never get close enough to do any damage.  Pistol is great for taking them down, or just lob a frag grenade and they'll pop.

Imps:  Individually weak, and easy to kill.  Much more mobile than I expected, and their fireballs fly pretty quick.  They're not much trouble alone, but they have a tendency to flank and attack from multiple directions.  They can be very good at sucker hits when fighting larger monsters, whittling down your armor.  If you know where one is it's not dangerous.  They tend to attack from where you don't expect at times, which is where they become more of a threat.  I'd say they have the best AI of any of the monsters.

Hell Knights:  I wasn't expecting these guys to be so fast at first, or melee-only since they look like the ones from Doom 3.  Once you know how they attack they're not difficult to put down, so long as you don't get cornered.  I liked the fact that they'd always come to you instead of hanging back and spamming projectiles.  They really help to mix the action up and keep you moving - either to get away so you can make a clean shot, or to get in close and chainsaw them.  Health-wise they felt about right for toughness.

Hell Razers:  Visually intimidating, but beyond that, they really were not much of a threat unless you stood still and let them target you.  I think these guys should have been more dangerous.  Great concept but poor execution, especially next to the AI for the Imps.

Pinkies/Spectres:  Noisy, ugly, and only dangerous if you let one run into you.  The main problem with these guys is only being vulnerable from behind, and tending to charge at you while you're dealing with another demon.  Alone, they're not hard to sidestep.  I've seen other monsters in other games with the weak spot on the back - Minotaurs in Legendary, and Berserkers in Shadow Warrior - and I think the Pinkies rank at the bottom for threat level compared to those guys.  Spectres were far too easy to see as well.  I expected them to be more invis than they were.

Revenants:  This has to be the most overhyped of the monsters.  In the multiplayer beta I'd get wasted by whoever was the Revenant pretty much constantly.  I expected them to be extremely dangerous.  I found the reality to be that the monster versions can't hit anything, their damage is weak, and they go down pretty easily.  The Revs in Doom 3 were more dangerous even though they were much slower.

Lost Souls:  I think they took our LSOV and ran with it.  They die easy, though getting hit by one hurts.  I really didn't like what they did with these visually or behavior wise.  The Lost Souls in Doom 1/2 were the best by far.

Cacodemons:  I'd say these top the list for nostalgia.  They behave as close to an original Doom monster as possible, actually make some noises when hurt, visually look the part, and do exactly what you'd expect a Cacodemon to do.  SSG'ing these felt like Doom.  I just miss the "bliblubrrbloblibble!" sound when they die.  The first time I heard that playing Doom I cackled for several minutes before I could continue.

Mancubus:  Damage sponges, but surprisingly not very dangerous unless you got in flamethrower range and stood still like a dolt.  The Doom 2 Mancs would spam fireballs like mad, which made them dangerous.  Doom 3/4 Mancs just don't have the damage saturation of the originals.  I was actually disappointed in how non-dangerous these were.

Cybermancubus:  When I saw this, I was expecting more than one type of monster to get cybernetic upgrades.  I thought... Ok, cyber Imps, cyber Hell Knights... what else might they have?  Nope, only the Mancs got it.  The acid puddles they shot were actually dangerous, but other than that, just a Manc with more health.

Baron of Hell:  Hell Knight Mark II, with some nostalgic appearance and some classic green fireball action.  I don't think one ever killed me as their size and threat level made them a primary target, but they definitely were dangerous.

Summoner:  This seemed to have replaced the Archvile as an enemy.  Why they changed the appearance and made it floaty I'm not sure, but its behavior screamed Archvile.  Not too tough, and I don't remember taking damage from one, but they were slippery to corner.  I found the Stun Bomb from the Plasma Rifle followed by some point-blank SSG dealt with them better than anything else.  I think aesthetically they should have stuck with the Archvile and made him run around fast again like in Doom 2.

To be continued again...

 on: 2016-08-01, 07:41 
Started by Angst - Last post by Phoenix
I finished Doom the other night, and played UAC on Ultra-Nightmare tonight.  Here's what I think.

Graphics:  Very well done overall.  I didn't find much low-resolution stuff.  Effects looked good, texturing looked very good on pretty much everything.  I can't play at super high-resolutions and I had to tone down some settings to keep the framerate smooth, but I was able to maintain 60FPS on a GeForce 670 at 1152x864.  I keep the FOV at 90.  I'm on a CRT screen still since LCD's cause me problems, and that's a comfortable resolution to balance detail with performance.  My lack of a wider screen hampers peripheral vision in combat quite a bit, but I'm used to that from Quake.  I couldn't test Vulkan against OpenGL since I have 2GB video memory on Windows 7, which is unsupported.

Sound:  This is one area where there was a lot of room for improvement.  The weapons sounded OK, with some sounding excellent, but the monsters suffered a lot in this department, along with ambience as well.  Some monsters like the aforementioned possessed made a lot of noise, pinkies were definitely noisy, while others made hardly any sound.  This was a serious step backward from Doom 3, where the sound made 50% of the game's atmosphere.

Environments:  I'm a bit mixed on this one.  There were basically 3 types of environment:  UAC standard tech, Mars outdoors, and Hell.  The UAC environments were OK, though I felt there should have been more variation, and the Hell environments were just completely off.  It felt like two colors were used:  Yellow for the lighting and sky, and light grey for all the rocks and bone (and people complained about Quake being brown!).  One area being like this would be fine, but Doom 3's Hell was more convincing, and Doom 1/2 had variations between marble, wood, stone, and what have you.

Weapons:  The weapons were pretty solid, though the pistol and shotgun felt comparatively weak and lacking at the beginning.  I think this is primarily due to the soldiers requiring too many hits to bring down.  I'll break down each weapon:

Pistol - OK for softening up Possessed.  The charged shot, once upgraded, was very useful for distant headshots and setting off barrels.  It's worth upgrading as without the upgrades the charge time is abysmal.

Shotgun - OK for blasting imps up close, a bit strong on Possessed (they gib easily), and a bit weak against Soldiers unless you're point-blank.

Charged Shot Upgrade - Useless, except to deplete your ammo.  It uses 3 shells when your ammo supply is limited to 20, and in a large fight you'll be back to using the pistol before you can blink.

Explosive Shot Upgrade - Absolutely awesome.  This upgrade is still useful late into the game since it basically one-shots Imps and Soldiers at a distance and is quick to use.

Super Shotgun - Really, really important to surviving once you start running into Hell Knights.  It behaves just as you'd expect it to.  Upgraded it's even better.  I found that with weapon mastery it only uses one shell per shot but has the same spread.  This effectively doubles your ammo capacity, as well as allows for quick follow-up shots.  This became my go-to gun for a lot of situations.

Heavy Assault Rifle - Kind of like the old Doom Chaingun, but without the first-shot accuracy.  I found it mainly good for when I was low on shells and needed to still shoot stuff.  It was also good when in close-quarters and using explosive shells was a bad idea.

Scope Upgrade - OK I suppose.  I rarely used this except to get a good look at a distant spot, as in most fights you're on the move and zooming is a bad idea.  For something really distant I'd use the pistol to snipe it since it doesn't use ammo.

Mini-Missile Upgrade - This was a fun toy, especially after getting mastery.  Since the missiles kind-of track, it made it possible to soften up a charging Hell-Knight or a distant Caco before they got into SSG range.

Rocket Launcher - Absolutely fantastic for obliterating Imps and Soldiers.  In later fights I'd get tired of them chewing my armor off by flanking while I was trying to deal with a larger monster as I favored a certain rune that gave me unlimited ammo - so long as I had enough armor.  I found that splattering these pests then going after the larger prey helped tremendously.

Remote Detonation Upgrade - More useful than I thought, especially after getting mastery since it allowed a double-dose of splash damage if timed right.

Homing Lock-on Upgrade - I didn't use this, except to get Mastery achievement.  Like Charged Shot, it's an ammo siphon and you sacrifice splash damage for homing ability.  Since everything gets close to you at some point I found this to be fairly useless.

Plasma Rifle - Pretty much the projectile hose it should be, though I did not care for the projectile model or the firing sound.

Heat Blast Upgrade - I did not find this to be very useful.  You had to use a lot of ammo to charge it up, and switching weapons causes you to lose the heat charge.  With Mastery it did enough damage to wipe out a bunch of lesser monsters, but the other upgrade seemed to be a much better choice.

Stun Bomb - I think I used the Plasma Rifle for these more than I did actual plasma.  This was a GODSEND for dealing with Summoners, and was a great tool for turning pretty much any other demon into a bullet sponge.

Gauss Cannon - I actually liked this far more than I expected.  It's a railgun, let's face it.  Normally that wouldn't belong in Doom, but after playing Quake so much everyone's used to having one.  This was the #1 weapon for dealing with Possessed Security since it obliterated their shields.

Scoped Upgrade - More useful than the scope on the Heavy Assault Rifle.  Any time I needed to hit big on something far away it was helpful, thought I liked the other upgrade better.

Siege Mode - Made you a sitting duck without upgrades, but once upgraded it could one-shot a Caco and drill a path through just about anything else.  I felt this was superior to the Scoped mode because the damage output was just huge.

Chaingun - The mild spin-up time restricted its usefulness to concentrating on one monster at first.  Once it was up to speed you could level it at its comrades and shred them pretty quick.  Ammo hungry though, but worth it at times.

Gatling Rotator - Allowed you to spin the gun up before firing... That's fine except that it's spinning without firing.  Since most demons spawn in during a fight, this was of limited use.  Upgrades might help, but I used the other upgrade most.

Portable Turret - Turned the slow-firing Chaingun into a Strogg-style high-speed death blender.  Basically you got 3 chainguns for the price of 1, but at triple the ammo cost and it would overheat - until you got Mastery.  The firing rate was the draw here, especially because I used the Rich Get Richer rune so I'd have unlimited ammo.  That rune paired with this gun, as long as I avoided incoming fire I was able to shred everything in my path.  With Quad it was absolutely sick how destructive this upgrade was.  If I lost some armor I'd use the Armored Offensive rune, switch guns, and glory kill weak enemies until I had enough armor again to switch back to this gun.  To me, the only thing more destructive was the BFG, but it lacked the infinite ammo capability.

Chainsaw:  Do I even need to explain this?  What the chainsaw did to monsters was nothing short of beautiful.  I wish the alt-fire could have been used to make the chainsaw work "old-school" where it would just hurt stuff like in old Doom without doing the ultra-death move.  Still, great for when you needed to one-shot a strong demon or just needed an ammo replenish on a weaker one.

BFG9000:  It didn't work like the old BFG9000... in fact, I'm not sure exactly how it works other than the tracer beams and impact damage, but it cleared rooms and saved your ass when getting overwhelmed, as would happen late in the game where you had 20 demons on you and half of them were Mancubi or tougher.  The ammo restriction helped reign it in, and it felt balanced in that respect.  It also had the ability to stun boss-level enemies so that you could hammer on them with impunity for a few seconds.

To be continued....

 on: 2016-07-29, 01:53 
Started by Gnam - Last post by leilei
The Kawaiik guy

Also did new ThongAreola OpenArena fan art/concepts, a few which i've modeled already.

 on: 2016-07-28, 16:20 
Started by Gnam - Last post by Gnam
The Kawaiik guy has been posting some new stuff via twitter:


Unrelated, but his Alien space jokey is awesome:

In other news, here's a badass Mancubus interpretation:

I found it on the Doomworld forums, unfortunately the artist was not credited.

 on: 2016-07-27, 18:57 
Started by Gnam - Last post by Gnam
The Kawaiik guy has been posting some new stuff via twitter:


Unrelated, but his Alien space jokey is awesome:

 on: 2016-07-25, 21:41 
Started by Gnam - Last post by Gnam
New interview with Tim at Polygon:


Unfortunately it doesn't really tell us anything new beyond officially confirming all the character details people already gathered from the trailer (Ranger gets a translocator, Nyx gets a blink, and Scale Bearer gets a charge).

One detail I hadn't fully realized is that Ranger's translocator is supposed to be the spiked sphere from the Shubb boss battle...which is weird, since it doesn't even have spikes on it or any other resemblance to said spiked sphere. Still, I guess the basic idea of the slipgate warrior possessing a portable slipgate for a signature weapon follows soundly enough.

 on: 2016-07-13, 20:44 
Started by leilei - Last post by Phoenix
Nice!  The blood particles look especially good.  Doom - Thumbs Up!  Doom - Love Doom - Love Doom - Love

 on: 2016-07-13, 16:28 
Started by leilei - Last post by leilei
I've moved the particle spewing to traps, ported more of my cgame effects over and optimized a bit.

having it limited by a backend call helps performance a lot, as well as turning off bounce/bubbling for all disabled particles.


 on: 2016-07-06, 18:38 
Started by Gnam - Last post by Phoenix
Awesome.  Glad to see we're not the only old-school mod still stuck in development hell kicking.  Doom - Thumbs Up!

 on: 2016-07-06, 18:04 
Started by Gnam - Last post by Gnam
Checked in on this mod yesterday and found a cool Arachnotron pic:

Apparently the mod is still alive and being worked on, though a playable release still hasn't happened. The devs have chimed in since Doom 4's release to explain how their version of Doom will be different:

Our type of “old school” is a very different breed than the type encountered in today’s “old school”. Yes, there are similarities; We too have upped the action, speed and gore, but not to the extreme lengths seen in the new Doom game. Our levels are built for exploration, progression and environmental puzzles. These are our main qualities. Phobos is closer to games like Half-Life or Dark Forces/Jedi Knight in spirit. Just like Classic Doom, these games are types of First Person Shooters that have all but vanished. We truly are a different kind of oldschool.

There are also a couple tiny clips of in-game footage and some new screens.

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