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 on: 2017-03-09, 04:48 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by Phoenix
I signed up.  I suppose now I wait.

 on: 2017-03-09, 03:17 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by ~Va^^pyrA~
You can now sign-up for the "closed beta"...


 on: 2017-03-03, 02:49 
Started by ~Va^^pyrA~ - Last post by Phoenix
I'm familiar with EntityPlus's existence, though I've not actually played it.  I made a code donation a while back in the form of a shrink ray that I had coded on the side.  I'm not sure if anything was ever done with it.

I do have the Hunt mod source code still, and Resurgence is not forgotten either.  After 1.0 is completed I do intend to see if it's feasible to integrate that into Gen or not.  Got to make everything else work first!

 on: 2017-03-03, 01:17 
Started by ~Va^^pyrA~ - Last post by ~Va^^pyrA~

Maybe I'm a few years late to the party, but I don't think I've come across this mod before. I seem to recall the original idea for Generation Arena's "Resurgence" game mode being more akin to the old "Hunt" mod. That is where the new Arena Gladiator's BFG comes from, after all. The "Entity Plus" mod looks to take that to the next level, with enemy patrols and zones, triggered doors and events, usable items (like keys), opening cinematics and voice overs, end level stats, Q2-like mission prompts, etc.

There doesn't appear to be a lot in the way of maps for the mod, but the idea is astounding. Even the two demonstration videos are pretty impressive for what it is. Without yet having played it myself, the only thing that looks off is the enemy behavior. It's clearly using the Q3A bot AI, which seems to result in a lot of sporadic and outright aggressive movements that work fine in the arena, but maybe not so well in a more linear room-by-room style. As I recall, the Hunt mod did a decent job of having different behavior (and sizes!) for the enemy types.

I know it's a looong way off, well after the inevitable 1.0 release even, but Resurgence as an idea always held so much potential. It's hard not to feel a rekindling of excitement when seeing something so similar being implemented elsewhere. Doom - Love

 on: 2017-03-03, 00:59 
Started by Kain-Xavier - Last post by ~Va^^pyrA~
So... I finally got around to finishing this. Well, restarting it and playing all the way through on Hard this time. I dug out my old Dark Places setup so everything was "reel purdy" for the experience even!

Overall, it's a pretty pleasing episode. It doesn't exactly try anything new, but that's fine, as it almost feels like a collection of "lost levels" in a way. It's ripe with secrets, though none of them were particularly difficult to find. It has some fun triggered events that seem like a step up from what we saw way back in 1996. You could also see a difference in design philosophy with some of the larger, more open battle spaces that cropped up here and there. If I had one complaint, it's that the final level was pretty much a complete rehash of the original.

Maybe, just maybe this is Machine Game's way of telling Bethesda that they would like to give the Quake (ONE!) universe the same type of treatment they gave to Wolfenstein. Slipgate - Smile

 on: 2017-02-13, 23:53 
Started by Matsilagi - Last post by ~Va^^pyrA~
Aaaaaand ... here they are:


Have fun!

EDIT: Quick update to fix Daemia's bot files.

Really great stuff here, Scal! I saw you also put them up on the Steam Workshop for Quake Live. Good job all around! Slipgate - Smile

 on: 2017-02-04, 06:58 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by Phoenix
I was nosing around Youtube and ran across some unexpected Generations action.  It seems some Russian fellows have discovered Generations for both Q3 and Q2!  While their skills may not be tournament quality, and the video isn't the greatest quality, they're having a good time and that's what's important!  Check it out!


 on: 2017-01-26, 06:23 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by Phoenix
Ahh, a lot of links are broken now, but I ran across this gem:


It seems to ship with a built in Time Accelerator powerup!  I think Grunt's going to be jealous.

 on: 2016-11-16, 02:21 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by scalliano
Cheers for the background, Pho Doom - Thumbs Up! Nice to have a bit of context, even if the statement is still palpably untrue, heh.

I grew up on consoles, back in the days when most (but by no means all) games actually ran at 50fps (I'm in PAL territory) and it was really only in the dawn of mainstream 3D rendering that the framerates began to drop off. Back then it wasn't really as much of an issue as it is now. Hell, even our beloved Doom was locked to 35fps on PC. But as tech has marched on, the old excuses for FPS caps carry less and less weight. I'd be happy to take a hit in visual fidelity if it means that a game runs smoothly. What really winds me up though is when they try and spin a 30fps cap as being "more cinematic". That's as maybe, but that should be MY decision, not theirs. It's that old saying: don't piss in my face and tell me it's raining.

For the record, I'm running 2x GTX970's SLi and DOOM'16 runs great Doom - Love

 on: 2016-11-05, 16:46 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by Thomas Mink
I guess I'm a bit different in the PC world.
30fps is my low.. being on the border of intolerable. I've played a few games with 30-ish fps and did well, like TF2 when it was new. And even then some people in servers used to say things like it was impossible to do so.

Now, do I prefer higher? Of course. Foolish not to. Even more foolish is to claim something about not seeing higher than 24fps.. or 30. However, I'm perfectly content with 60. So meh.. whatever.
But for those that want higher, unlock it!

Guess I should note that for the longest time, I was always on mid-to-low end hardware.. so low fps was just something I probably got used to.

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