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Author Topic: Forum Games: 2/21/04  (Read 1536 times)
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Elite (2k+)
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« on: 2004-02-21, 09:08 »

Euro Game
Saturdays, 9 PM CET.  Gametype:  FFA  Server:  GenArena Europe[WHS]

USA Game
Saturdays, 9 PM EDT.  Gametype:  FFA Server:  GenArena Central[WHS]

Remember, if you have a punkbuster rejection connecting to a server, bring down the console
type /pb_cl_enable

And it will let you join.  If you're receiving "CLIENT_UNKNOWN_TO_AUTH" be patient and let it try, you'll probably connect in a few seconds.

If you get stuck at "awaiting snapshot" for a long time enable compressed textures by bringing down the console and typing:

/seta r_ext_compressed_textures 1

And you should get faster load times.  See you in the game!

Be there or I shall sic my polergeist on you!
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