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Author Topic: (s)hoooterrssss.... (creamy shooter goodness)  (Read 3315 times)
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« Reply #20 on: 2003-04-01, 01:40 »

very very nice! keep up the good work
games keeper

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« Reply #21 on: 2003-04-01, 19:24 »

I could even toss in a non-gravity flame cloud if you like

im intersted pho , thats the one I need fo a map I had in mind (I first have to learn how to map .

and by the way id you ever have time. you could help me with sof2.
(i need m60 chooters for it that are heatsensitive .controled with an on , off switch) .

I actually wanna remake the first banklevel again from sin for sof 2.
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