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Author Topic: Grappling Hooks on Display  (Read 12182 times)
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« Reply #20 on: 2008-02-22, 15:26 »

Sweet!  Rapid fire semi-long range melee weapons make me happy  Doom - Love

I'm also looking forward to pulling people in with Doom and having a Combat Shotgun waiting for them  Doom - Thumbs Up!

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« Reply #21 on: 2008-02-22, 18:18 »

There's a little catch with that though.  Doom has to switch off the tractor beam to deploy another weapon.  He cannot "offhand" the weapon and hang in place after launching the hook like other classes can.  That's his little penalty for having a near-instantly locking beam, and by keeping Doom from being able to grapple-hang with another gun out it keeps him in a more offensive, mobile role, for which he's best suited.  You can use the slowdown effect to get in closer and switch guns, but it's really more effective to hold the SOB in place and watch him squirm while your buddy runs up and plants his weapon in the offending flag-stealer's face.

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