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Author Topic: Terra Nova  (Read 1268 times)
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« on: 2011-09-28, 03:51 »

 So did anyone watch the premiere of terra nova last night? If not, I'll catch you up then.(spoil content low)

The year is 2144, a once green lush earth has become carbon filled red planet, at its last breaths.

Jim Shanon a security guard at federal prison, comes home to a family in a local apartment. When he arrives, he takes out an object, an orange. His son, josh leaps out of his bunk and glares at the orange, Jim says "For zoe". The young girl runs out to his father when suddenly, there a knock on the door. Jim quickly hides zoe in a vent, he opens the door. It's the cops. They push Jim out the way and begin looking. It doesn't take long to find the young girl, they walk over to Jim, he then attack the cops but they soon overpower him ; he is arrested.
 It has been 2 years since his arrest, is guilty of passing offlspring limits and assaulting the authority. His wife, Elizabeth walks over over to Jim's cell, hands him a special item; Jim soon breaks out.
The family was invited to a voyage, 80 million years in the past, people are split into different communities, theirs is "Terra Nova" before heading to the time machine. As some of the family wait to go to the past, Jim avoids being detected by heading through a restricted area. When he finally catches up with the family, they are only a few meters from the time machine; a guard matches a trespasser's description, he begins questioning Jim; the scared family decides to enter the portal without Jim; after a while he can't come up with any fake explanations, he attacks the guard and makes a run for the portal.......

The beginning of the show was alright, explaining all the stuff, environments, tribes, etc.. The intro on future earth reminded me of stroggos, red and brown, more so with rebreathers. The second half was less talk and more gunfire, and was more or less a suspense episode with dinosaurs with powerful tails, hence the name "Slashers" and after the end I'll be willing to watch show; may not be a masterpiece, but with Steven Spielbergs dinosaur experience, it's a must watch(I bet they'll have it on hulu). Doom - Thumbs Up!

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