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Author Topic: Rules and Guidelines (Streamlining feedback)  (Read 7657 times)
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« on: 2003-08-14, 02:12 »

We encourage bug reports, we DO want to hear about them.  We can't fix what we don't know about after all!  However, in reporting bugs information is valuable, and coherant, organized information is godlike.  Here are a few rules and guidelines concerning the reporting of bugs to make this more efficient for us, and more effective for you.

1)  Undescriptive reports will be deleted.  If we can't see any value in the post or it makes absolutely no sense we'll prune it to keep the board clutter free.  This is nothing personal, so don't flame the moderators if you post "OMG OMG Gen's broke WTF?" and it disappears off the board.  Flaming the moderators on this board will NOT be permitted in any way, shape, or form for a deleted post.

2)  The more information the better.  Things we want to know include:

* Was it an error, or an odd behavior?  An "error" is defined as anything where the game tells you something isn't right.  An "odd behavior" is you shoot the wall with a pistol and suffer a full body explosion, even though nobody else is on the server.

* Did it cause a crash?  If so, did it crash back to the console with a message, crash Q3 with a Windows error, just kill Q3 without any warning, or freeze up the machine?

* If it DID cause a crash, we damned sure want to know, but it is MOST important if you can DUPLICATE the behavior again.  A one-time crash COULD be Windows being it's funloving self, after all, so if something is killing your Gen game we want to know exactly what you did at the time and if it's repeatable.

* What map did this occur on?

* Was this a local game, or were you logged into a server at the time?

* What is your "com_hunkmegs" setting in your q3config.cfg file?

* What exactly happened?  Describe in detail what you were doing, what class you were, what weapon you had at the time, and any other details you can think of.

3)  This is NOT a "features request" forum.  You're welcome to post on the Generations main forum for that sort of thing. 

4)  WHINING will not be tolerated.  We define this as something like this:

"OMG the earth guy is too strong I can't ever kill him you need to make him weak Q1 ownz his rockets should beat anything"

You get the idea.  If you feel there is a balance issue again feel free to discuss that in the general forum in a rational matter and we will take such suggestions under consideration.  If you're just getting your ass handed to you by someone that's not our problem. Sipgate - Evil

5)  Don't start a new thread every time you run across something.  Continue an existing thread if possible.  The less threads we have to deal with the easier it is to keep track of things.  We will consolidate and move threads as needed.

6)  Off topic posts will be moved or removed at the moderators' descretion.

Again, we're not trying to put anybody out, just make things less chaotic and more effective.  The more information you give us up front, the less asking we have to do later, and the quicker something gets fixed. Slipgate - Smile
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