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Author Topic: Quake 1 Epsilon Build  (Read 2060 times)
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« on: 2014-04-25, 14:35 »

I just tried out Quake Epsilon Build. That's the first time I've had the situation of not having good enough graphics to play quake 1  Slipgate - Tongue. It looks great, though.

It's interesting to see another set of hi-res Quake 1 weapons, and to compare them to the GenArena versions. I think I prefer the Epsilon shotguns, though that might change in v1.0, and part of the shaft (I don't like the roundness so much). I greatly prefer the v1.0 Generations axe though, and the Generations rocket launcher and nail guns. (The super nail gun feels nice somehow in quake 1 epsilon -- though not like the original, so ...). They have an interesting grenade launcher; you can see the grenade through the front, and it reloads, but I think the Generations one is better.

Still, after all that comparison, it's FUN, and wonderfully captures the old Quake 1 atmosphere that I love, especially with full lighting (which I can't use  Slipgate - Sad)

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