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Author Topic: Entity Plus (or, Resurgence: Resurgence)  (Read 829 times)
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« on: 2017-03-03, 01:17 »


Maybe I'm a few years late to the party, but I don't think I've come across this mod before. I seem to recall the original idea for Generation Arena's "Resurgence" game mode being more akin to the old "Hunt" mod. That is where the new Arena Gladiator's BFG comes from, after all. The "Entity Plus" mod looks to take that to the next level, with enemy patrols and zones, triggered doors and events, usable items (like keys), opening cinematics and voice overs, end level stats, Q2-like mission prompts, etc.

There doesn't appear to be a lot in the way of maps for the mod, but the idea is astounding. Even the two demonstration videos are pretty impressive for what it is. Without yet having played it myself, the only thing that looks off is the enemy behavior. It's clearly using the Q3A bot AI, which seems to result in a lot of sporadic and outright aggressive movements that work fine in the arena, but maybe not so well in a more linear room-by-room style. As I recall, the Hunt mod did a decent job of having different behavior (and sizes!) for the enemy types.

I know it's a looong way off, well after the inevitable 1.0 release even, but Resurgence as an idea always held so much potential. It's hard not to feel a rekindling of excitement when seeing something so similar being implemented elsewhere. Doom - Love
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« Reply #1 on: 2017-03-03, 02:49 »

I'm familiar with EntityPlus's existence, though I've not actually played it.  I made a code donation a while back in the form of a shrink ray that I had coded on the side.  I'm not sure if anything was ever done with it.

I do have the Hunt mod source code still, and Resurgence is not forgotten either.  After 1.0 is completed I do intend to see if it's feasible to integrate that into Gen or not.  Got to make everything else work first!

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« Reply #2 on: 2017-06-13, 06:00 »

Yeah I ran into Entity Plus just recently and found it intriguing. Overall it looks to make it much easier for mappers to build singleplayer campaigns without having to do a ton of side programming themselves.

That being said, I really hope the configurability of it improves in the future. For example, right now the mod scales enemy damage and health up and down as the difficulty level is changed. Ideally the person creating the campaign would want to have control over those values, but currently the mapper has no control over how difficulty settings change their monsters.

It would also be nice to be able control what weapons the player starts with on your level, tweak weapon stats, and implement custom weapons if you have the assets ready.

It also currently doesn't support co-op as far as I can tell, which would be really nice to have.

Still, it's a really promising project.
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