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Author Topic: Guilty Until Proven Innocent  (Read 6 times)
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According to Square Enix, ever PC gamer is automatically a scumbag thieving pirate and people only buy games because DRM like Denuvo is somehow preventing piracy:

“Thanks to you for the incredible service your team provide – it’s great to partner with you! It’s thanks to you guys that people have to buy the game.”


Do any of you find this more than mildly insulting?  I know some of you have over 700 games on Steam.  I know every game on my machines is paid for and legitimate.  Yet, it's not us, the gamers, that are thanked for making these companies millions of dollars, it's the freaking copy protection police they thank!  I'm glad I don't seem to own any of their games if this is their attitude, but besides myself who doesn't have one of their games?  I have no love for game pirates, but with Denovo being cracked in 5-10 days, this is either a completely ignorant position for Square Enix to hold, or a deliberate slap in the face for gamers.  I know one thing.  The pirates and crackers are going to read this and say "challenge accepted".  When this is all done with I really hope that gamers can one day look back at Square Enix having shot their mouths off as being the catalyst that caused Denuvo to go belly-up.  I really hope that one day publishers will understand that DRM does not stop pirates.  All it does is punish legit players, and we're getting a bit fed up with being treated like criminals all the time when we're the ones that keep them in business.

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