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Author Topic: Doom Eternal  (Read 2376 times)
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I ran into the same issues with the cheat codes.  Before resuming the normal campaign you have to turn them all off from the Mission Select screen or the Slayer Gate key is missing.  Even after knowing this I forgot to turn one off before proceeding.  I was unhappy about that.

I had the sticky bomb break on me.  Fix was to turn on the weapon mastery cheat to replay a level, hold down alt fire, swap mods, release alt fire, then swap back and it worked again.

DO NOT try to complete a mastery challenge with the Weapon Mastery cheat enabled.  You'll unlock the mastery perk but it will screw you out of the milestone.  The only way to get the milestone if this happens is to start a new slot from scratch.  I found this out the hard way.  Better to just replay an earlier mission or visit the Ripatorum.

Not cheat-code related, but did anyone else find the Cyberdemon/Tyrant to be underwhelming?  It felt like his lack of speed and lack of "one-shot kill" rockets made him just a big meat target.  The Crucible could one-shot him and you could freeze him with ice bombs.  What used to be Doom's most dangerous enemy felt like he was stuffed in the back of the closet in favor of their shiny new Marauder and Doom Hunter.

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