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Author Topic: Custom Titled Users Added (Status Update)  (Read 3595 times)
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« on: 2003-01-23, 00:54 »

OK! I've added all the users with custom titles, with the same passwords you used on the old board. If you dont remember it (because, like me, you just let the cookie do its job) then e-mail me and I will send it to THE ADDRESS YOU SIGNED UP TO THE OLD BOARD WITH. If you dont use that e-mail address anymore, tough luck, prove it to me some other way or something.

To everyone else, Just re-register, and after doing so, send me one of those little Private Messages this board allows, saying 'I want my post count back' or 'I want my avatar back' etc, and I will gladly oblige. I'm just doing it on a demand basis only, because if I spent the time to transcribe the whole of the old user database, I would be transferring 200 Joe_Blow_666's who have 1 or 2 posts...

Any complaints, please send them to /dev/null (not the user, the device). And bear with us in this transition.

This board is NOW OFFICIALLY OPEN. Start posting here if you want. Realize, we're still testing, so there might be some bugs. Just send me one of them cool little messages and Ill see what I can do.
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