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Title: Checkmate 0.8 Released (Another UT2k4 mod)
Post by: ConfusedUs on 2004-06-01, 03:20
I wish I had some news to report on WireHead doing a UT2k4 mod, but since I don't, I'll just continue to pimp the ones I like. ;)

Checkmate 0.8 has been released!
http://piotyr.shackspace.com/checkmate/ (http://piotyr.shackspace.com/checkmate/)
http://www.unnaturalgaming.com/checkmate (http://www.unnaturalgaming.com/checkmate)

This is a UT2k4 team deathmatch mod that mixes frags with chess. Sure it sounds strange, but the gameplay is almost Gloom-like in terms of mechanics and the pace of the game.

Checkmate is an online team deathmatch game which incorporates elements of Chess. In Checkmate, two teams are pitted against each other for the sole purpose of eliminating the opposition's King. Each team will have one King, and any number of Pawns, Knights, Bishops, Rooks, and Queens. Non-King player classes are bought using credits that are accumulated by fragging other players who are of equal or lower class to your own.

A round is won by killing the opposing team's King. At this point a new round will begin, with the highest scoring player on each team becoming the new King. Once the round limit or time limit is reached, the team with the most rounds won will win the match, and a new map will be played.

This game is awesome. Sheer awesomeness. Even against the bots who don't seem to understand that the KING is the objective. ;)

Title: Re: Checkmate 0.8 Released
Post by: ConfusedUs on 2004-06-05, 04:25
Holy shit.

I just played this online with real people for the first time.

Holy shit. I've not had this much fun in a FPS game in ages. The game where I got to be king was totally awesome. I was EMP'ing all the powerful pieces and stomping them into corners where they coudln't escape and their shields were useless. My team was racking up the points.

We only lost in the end because the other team had people smart enough to save their credits for queens. I was toast against four queens. =)

Of course, the guy who led the queen rush and came up with the idea is one of the developers, so I don't feel TOO bad about losing.