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Title: Quakes (The Real Kind)
Post by: Phoenix on 2005-06-17, 09:17
Not the usual thing you might expect on our news page, but since there are a lot of people we know out in the California area, I felt it would be prudent to post some recent earthquake information.  There have been several big ones on the US edge of the Pacific plate over the last week, including a 5.2 in Southern California (http://earthquake.usgs.gov/eqinthenews/2005/ci14151344/), a 7.8 in Chile (http://earthquake.usgs.gov/eqinthenews/2005/uszgbu/), a 7.2 off Alaska (http://earthquake.usgs.gov/eqinthenews/2005/usziae/), and a 4.9 near LA (http://earthquake.usgs.gov/eqinthenews/2005/ci14155260/) just yesterday.  This is not a good trend, especially with three of these large quakes happening within a day of each other.  It's a good time to brush up on earthquake preparedness incase a large one hits near a population center.  Duke might not be afraid of no Quake, but everyone else should take them very seriously.

You can visit the US Geological Survey's Earthquakes page HERE (http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/) for the most recent updates and a wealth of earthquake data.

Edit:  A 6.4 (http://earthquake.usgs.gov/eqinthenews/2005/uszkal/) just hit off the coast of northern Californa as I was typing this article.  :wtf:

Title: Re: Quakes
Post by: Woodsman on 2005-06-17, 16:51
i have lived in california all my life i dont even notice earth quakes anymore.

Title: Re: Quakes
Post by: Phoenix on 2005-06-18, 01:23
Which is precisely why I posted this, Woods.  Since people become complacent if a big one does hit it's going to catch everyone with their pants around their ankles.  If one doesn't, well I've only wasted a few bytes of text.

Title: Re: Quakes
Post by: Footman on 2005-06-18, 02:29
I'll spread this to others. I got a few non-WHS friends in Cali.

Title: Re: Quakes
Post by: Moshman on 2005-06-21, 17:40
Holy crap-oni!
California's going to separate.  :wtf: