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Title: "Unknown Class" Bug (Found and Fixed)
Post by: Phoenix on 2006-03-06, 02:28
On the Euro server last night, a player named Indje turned into a "flying gauntlet man".  What is a flying gauntlet man?  Well, it's a Visor model stuck in a death animation with a detached gauntlet, flying across the level with no weapon except for said gauntlet.  I saw him as the mysterious, rarely seen "Class:  Undefined".  I was so much in shock at the sight of this flying gauntlet man that I allowed him to run up and pummel me - which resulted in me being pimpslapped all the way off the server with an error message (nice shot there, Indje, that's some arm you got).  Tab and Alucard also got knocked off.  This bug had cropped up once before in a CTF match, but we've never been able to figure it out until now.  Tabun was recording a demo when it happened, so I was able to track down the cause.  Indje's player class somehow got set to "6", which is not a defined class.  We only use 0 (no class/spectator when initially connecting) and 1 through 5 (Earth up through Arena).  Well it turns out the random class code has a 1 in 32,767 chance of doing this owing to how the random number generation works in the current function.  I've changed it so that 1.0 won't have this problem by using a different random number generation technique.

I can't do anything about it in .99f, so just be aware that this will occasionally happen for now, though very rarely.  It can only happen to people who are random class.  If you ever end up stuck with only a gauntlet and everyone drops off the server at once just be aware of the problem and disconnect, wait a few seconds, and reconnect.  Everything will be fine after that.

Title: Re: "Unknown Class" Bug
Post by: Visimar on 2006-03-06, 02:34
o.o Woah, that's pretty creepy...though I did get a laugh out of seeing the words "flying gauntlet man".

I'll be sure to do what you said if it ever happens to me, heh...

Title: Re: "Unknown Class" Bug
Post by: Kain-Xavier on 2006-03-06, 11:55
Huh.  That's actually damn nifty.  I'm glad that you were finally able to catch the bug though.

Title: Re: "Unknown Class" Bug
Post by: scalliano on 2006-03-06, 20:27
\kick: The ultimate weapon  :thumb:

Title: Re: "Unknown Class" Bug
Post by: shambler on 2006-03-07, 18:33
No screetshot yet?

Title: Re: "Unknown Class" Bug
Post by: scalliano on 2006-03-08, 02:30
http://forums.wireheadstudios.org/index.ph...t=ST&f=9&t=2487 (http://forums.wireheadstudios.org/index.php?act=ST&f=9&t=2487)


Title: Re: "Unknown Class" Bug
Post by: Lopson on 2006-03-08, 10:30
What's the map in that screenshot?

Title: Re: "Unknown Class" Bug
Post by: Phoenix on 2006-03-08, 16:29
Not the same thing, but it's something I still need to take a peek at.  As for the map, I don't know, but it has an uncanny resemblence to the oil rig Domination map in Unreal Tournament.

Title: Re: "Unknown Class" Bug
Post by: scalliano on 2006-03-09, 20:50
The map is called "Platform6" by Cyben. As for whether it's a UT remake, I'd need to play UT again :) You can get it here:

http://lvlworld.com/mapper.php?m=Cyben (http://lvlworld.com/mapper.php?m=Cyben)

Title: Re: "Unknown Class" Bug
Post by: Lopson on 2006-03-09, 21:29