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Title: The Phoenix's Nest
Post by: Orbital-S2D on 2019-09-04, 03:22
hey I noticed in the server info
version     Q3 1.32 win-x86 Mar 30 2017

build date 2017? did I miss something?

Title: Re: The Phoenix's Nest
Post by: Phoenix on 2019-09-06, 00:59
That's actually the new engine for Generations Arena based on the Q3A GPL source code.  I initially had it named "Generations v something or other", but I had switch the broadcast name back to "Q3 1.32 win-x86" because some online multi-game server browsers like Qtracker weren't picking up the server with the new name.

As for the purpose of the new engine, there's several bug fixes, such as a problem with servers being up a long time without a restart causing timing issues with shaders.  It was also necessary to create a new executable for particle effects, sound handling, and the greyscale portion of the invulnerability effect for Doom.  There's also improved dynamic lighting code, native support for FSAA and Anisotropic filtering.  The engine and engine source will see release alongside 1.0, but for now I have it running the server for stability testing and to do long-run testing on the stability fix.