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Title: Time to Keel
Post by: Phoenix on 2021-06-16, 03:00
Full Size (http://www.wireheadstudios.org/phoenix/pics/test_shots/Keel1.jpg)

Full Size (http://www.wireheadstudios.org/phoenix/pics/test_shots/Keel2.jpg)

Keel has joined the Slipgaters, and he's ready to rocket.  Whether you find yourself in the Bad Place or in the depths of the Cistern, you'll want him on your side.  You definitely don't want to be in his way.

Title: Re: Time to Keel
Post by: KAIL333XZ on 2021-06-19, 14:31
Nice! I'm always glad to see that Gen Arena's having some progress. :slippy_thumb:

So, the only new stuff (I mean new sets animations) Slipgaters now can do is slicing'n'dicing their foes with an axe?

Title: Re: Time to Keel
Post by: Phoenix on 2021-06-20, 00:37
It's a little more complex than that.  There's 4 Axe animations from third person, but also a separate taunt animation for the axe since the default taunts for Ranger and Keel cause the weapon to badly clip the body.  There's also the hammer swing for the Mjolnir, as well as the swing action for the Morning Star grapple.  The basic "gun recoil" animation is largely the same across all the other weapons, but the hand placement is different for each gun, plus the Grenade Launcher and Rocket Launcher both recoil more since they're a bit spicier than the nailguns and shotties.