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Title: Time For Some Major Action!
Post by: Phoenix on 2022-03-07, 08:28
Full Size (http://www.wireheadstudios.org/phoenix/pics/test_shots/major1.jpg)

Full Size (http://www.wireheadstudios.org/phoenix/pics/test_shots/daemia1.jpg)

Major and Daemia, both veterans of the Stroggos campaign, have joined the battle and are ready to kick some Strogg butt!  The Strogg invasion isn't quite over yet.

Title: Re: Time For Some Major Action!
Post by: KommissarReb on 2022-03-08, 16:18
Nice work!  :slippy_thumb: After 17 years, 1.0 is on the verge of being released. I look forward to playing Team Arena with this mod!

I can imagine animating is difficult to do, I haven't figured it out on Softimage or Blender yet. I regret I didn't learn how to help you when you needed it, but I appreciate that you stuck with this to the end instead of leaving it on infinite hiatus  :doom_love:

I take it Light/SG/MG Guard shouldn't be too difficult to animate because his weapons are supposed to be implanted into his right arm? Or is he a different case from TankJr?

Title: Re: Time For Some Major Action!
Post by: Phoenix on 2022-03-08, 23:07
Tabun made the Strogg Guard have a normal right hand so that it could hold any weapon.  The originals in Quake 2 had the prosthetic, but for Quake 3 that wouldn't have worked too well.  It works for TankJr since the arm ends in a kind of metallic multi-tool that looks somewhat like a fist.  The Strogg Guard shouldn't be too hard to animate due to how Tab designed the model.  Animating isn't too bad.  Rigging the vertex points in the mesh onto the biped skeleton - that can be tedious.

As for not being able to help... no worries there.  A lot of people have come and go on the project and it has taken much longer than anyone intended.  I have no hard feelings toward anyone that had to move on due to life being what it is, and especially not toward any fans of the project. :slippy_love:

Title: Re: Time For Some Major Action!
Post by: KAIL333XZ on 2022-03-09, 07:27
As always, I'm glad to see that you're having some progress with the animations. :slippy_thumb:

There's one more thing I wanted to ask about.
If it is possible, could you please post something like a ''To be done list'' to explain how much work is still there to be actually done until the Generations Arena 1.0 could be considered finished. I think lots of people would like know about that, because the they're still patiently waiting for the mod to be released.

I do understand that you are working on Gen Arena alone for quite a long time now and I don't want to rush you in any way, but I guess having a little of clarity about the current state of project will be fair.

P.S. Sorry for my English. Lately I feel that I lose my skill of speaking or writing in English. That's quite sad.

Title: Re: Time For Some Major Action!
Post by: Phoenix on 2022-03-10, 06:21
No worries about the English.  You're doing just fine.  :doom_thumb:

A "to-do" list is a good idea, and is something I really should create.  I do have a bug fix list, but I've been keeping a lot of the other items left to be done just in my head.  Once I finish the animations for the Strogg Guard I'll see about assessing everything else that needs completing prior to being release-worthy.  A few things I can immediately name:

Rework the menus so bots can be added any time, and any new variables that have been created through the command line can be accessed by the menu.
Add native menu support for modern widescreen and custom resolutions.
Finish "oldschool mode" implementation.  Oldschool mode would remove any and all balance tweaks to things such as armor pickups and weapon damage.  Good luck rocket jumping as a Doomguy.
Re-implement the Q3 single player campaign.  This was broken due to changes in the menu system so the HUDs could work and we never got around to fixing it.
Better bot logic implementation.  Right now they don't understand the new weapons and cannot properly lead targets.

That's not a complete list by any means, but some of the features that definitely need doing.

Title: Re: Time For Some Major Action!
Post by: KommissarReb on 2022-03-10, 13:43
I don't think re-implementing the campaign isn't important, given it's just multiplayer maps that play in succession and with the announcer voice giving lip service to certain gladiators.

Also 1920x1090p is welcome given that's the screen size of my laptop. But the lack of this one isn't the end of the world either.

But things like better bot logic implementation would be welcome. I don't know if this was fixed or not, but in .99f Doom Warriors still treat the chainsaw as if it's a machinegun instead of a melee weapon because they keep getting killed by bots because they would stand in place and rev their chainsaws at a distance instead of waiting to be close up to take them out.

Title: Re: Time For Some Major Action!
Post by: KommissarReb on 2022-03-10, 16:55
I meant to say that SP isn't important. I'm only posting twice because I can't edit my replies for some reason.

Title: Re: Time For Some Major Action!
Post by: Assamite on 2022-03-11, 09:58
Yay Q2 ladies! :doom_love:
Did you intend to post this on International Women's Day? (Give or take a few time zones?) :surprise:

Title: Re: Time For Some Major Action!
Post by: Phoenix on 2022-03-11, 18:47
That was just a happy coincidence.  :slippy_thumb:

Title: Re: Time For Some Major Action!
Post by: sakerr1 on 2022-03-26, 10:32
Catching up just now and just want to say this mod is really looking promising and looks like you're just about done getting everything ready for release. Also Singleplayer for Generations Arena is going to be pretty interesting.