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 on: 2021-04-21, 11:54 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by KAIL333XZ
Nice work as always!  Doom - Thumbs Up!

I'm still watitng for an animations demonstration video in front of a mirror.  Slipgate - Smile

 on: 2021-04-20, 03:34 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by Phoenix

Full Size

The Doom Warriors are here and ready to kick some demon ass.  That leaves the Slipgaters and Strogg Troopers.  Two down, two to go.

 on: 2021-04-12, 22:50 
Started by Angst - Last post by Phoenix

 on: 2021-04-12, 15:37 
Started by Angst - Last post by Angst
What can I say? The rum's gone...

 on: 2021-04-12, 14:05 
Started by Angst - Last post by Woodsman
oh your so brooding and full of Angst

 on: 2021-03-24, 22:39 
Started by Angst - Last post by Angst

 on: 2021-03-21, 09:40 
Started by Angst - Last post by Phoenix
Overall I liked Ancient Gods 2, but I can see where it could have had some improvement.  I would say some of it felt rushed.  There wasn't as much exploration and secrets as I would have liked.  I didn't have trouble finding anything.  The music was definitely inferior from Ancient Gods 1 and certainly from the main game.  Mick Gordon's departure definitely had an impact there.  I did like the meathook grapple mechanic as it reminded me of Opposing Force and it felt more natural than the monkey bar plus dash canisters that were overused in the main game.  One inconsistency that I think will never be properly explained is why Doom Slayer needed a dive suit and O2 cylinders in Ancient Gods 1 but not the main game and Ancient Gods 2.  Only thing I can think of would be his suit can't handle salt water very well?  Didn't need O2 in space, hell, Mars, or under fresh water so other than contrived game mechanics, who knows.

I will admit that I underused the hammer.  I like that it can be recharged with glory kills and weak point shots, but I tended to treat it more like the Crucible and just not using it except on big demons.  I did like the addition of the Chaingunners as it gave me a reason to actually use the remote detonate mod for the rocket launcher.  I would have to say my favorite part was the escalation encounters.  Basically a Slayer Gate without the key.  That and the Barbarian cosmetic.  The first time I saw Doom Slayer without a helmet I thought he looked like Conan as drawn in comics and art, but with short hair.  I was glad to see I wasn't alone in this.

I managed to play all the way through on Ultra-Violence.  The end boss fight took some learning.  Behind spoiler text is how I handled him. 

I just wonder where they're going to go with the franchise now.  Maybe Quake will get some proper attention?  Doom - Huh?

 on: 2021-03-19, 05:45 
Started by Angst - Last post by Angst
So it looks like it went through virtually no QA (maybe they forgot Doomguy can jump in this one? those clipping brushes are TERRIBLE)

The sound levels are weird.
They doubled down on everything I hated about Part 1
Art direction is all over the place, sometimes changing themes mid-cinematic.
And that boss fight was bloody terrible..

id.. I am disappoint.

 on: 2021-02-23, 06:02 
Started by Woodsman - Last post by Phoenix
Good!  Slipgate - Thumbs up!

 on: 2021-02-22, 16:24 
Started by Woodsman - Last post by Woodsman
Looks like its back. Thats good It would be a shame to waste all that work because of one pervert.

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