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Author Topic: GenArena Quakecon Tourney  (Read 3980 times)
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« on: 2004-04-26, 05:32 »

Last year's tournament at QuakeCon was a huge success. So huge that we've decided to do it again!

Last year's tourney included several qualification free-for-all DM games to quickly narrow down the ranks, followed by 1on1 matches to decide the winners.

We gave away several WireHead Studios casewraps as well as a Koolance case.

Now here's where you come in. What can we do to make this year's tourney even better? We need things like map suggestions and possible prizes. There's also been talk of including several class-restricted rounds into the tourney to make sure the most well-rounded player wins, not just some rabid Doomer or Skippywhore.

Thanks to jess for volunteering to run it this year!

Thoughts? Leave a comment on this thread! Remember, guests can respond too!
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« Reply #1 on: 2004-04-26, 09:38 »

I'd like to suggest the following for a 1st place prize:


Where the $$$ for it will come from however.. i dunno Slipgate - Smile
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« Reply #2 on: 2004-04-26, 12:49 »

1st suggestion for tourney layout:

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« Reply #3 on: 2004-05-04, 22:26 »

*bump*  v2 of my suggestion:

Generations Tournament v2 @ Qcon2004

Note: g_spawnprotect needs to be at 0 or 1

1st round: 8-player FFA
 - All classes open
 - 40 fraglimit, 15 timelimit
 - top 4 scorers advance into the next round

2nd round: 5-player Random FFA
 - Random class ONLY
 - 30 fraglimit, 15 timelimit
 - top 2 scorers advance into the next round

2.5 round: Random FFA
 - Random class ONLY
 - 30 fraglimit, 15 timelimit
 - consists of the player group that does not have 5 people
 - If there is 1 player in this, they get a bye. If players = 2, frag/timelimit = 10.

3rd round: Doomed Wildcard FFA
 - Doom class ONLY
 - All the losers from the 2nd round play for a consolation prize
 - 50 fraglimit, 15 timelimit
 - top 2 scorers get a sticker or something =]

4th round: 1v1 Finals
 - All classes open
 - 10 fraglimit, 10 timelimit
 - Continue 1v1 matches until there is a winner


1st round: Stormatorium / The Edge Revisited
2nd round: The Bad Place v2 / Blood Run
3rd round: Sever the Sphinx / A Fist Full of Steel
4th round: Iron Yard, The Abandoned Place, Eternal Arenas, Scrap Metal ][
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