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Author Topic: 'Christian' Doom3 review (Ignorance is bliss)  (Read 1886 times)
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Rabid Doomer

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« on: 2004-09-09, 05:49 »


ESRB Rating: M (Mature) 17+

As a twenty-one year old I have to say I was freaked out, disturbed, and horrified by Doom III?s content. I can?t imagine what a thirteen year old would feel like. After hours of exposure to this game, I could see a child?s attitude and personality change because of this game. I would have displayed more images but due to the graphic and satanic nature of this game I just couldn?t show it. Stay far away from Doom III it has no value to it at all. I would highly recommend that anyone who professes themselves to be Christians, to NOT PLAY THIS GAME.
#1 reading this far actually made me gag on this fool's stupidity.

#2 ESR-@#$%ING-B!

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Bird of Fire

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« Reply #1 on: 2004-09-09, 14:18 »

Yeah, we all went on a big torture session in the chat room over this website a few weeks ago.  As the resident Christian bird, here's my poop-scoop on it.

1)  If you're a Christian you're not supposed to be scared of the devil, you're supposed to say "YOU CAN'T TOUCH ME, SATAN!" and squawk.. er, laugh in his face, tell him to begone in the name of Jesus, etc.

2)  Um, you're SHOOTING the demons, not bowing down and kissing their hooves.  That's about as anti-Satan as you can get, so that would tend to make this a Christian-friendly game, not  a Satanic game.  So there's carnage involved.  The bible's full of people getting slaughtered.  Or do we only tell the flowery parts now, and skip the wars, hell-fire, wailing, and nashing of teeth because it's "too scary" for people to deal with?  Or how about that whole scourging and crucifixion thing, hmm?  We going to skip that now too?

3)  By this website's logic you could make a game where you go around shooting priests and blowing up churches and call it "decidedly Christian-friendly, owing to the number of crosses and other Christian imagery inherent in the game."  In other words it's a huge logical "WTF?!?".

4)  If you're afraid of a video game when there's real demons to worry about then your priorities are backwards.  Grow a backbone already!  How are you going to handle it when the devil comes knocking if the scary Doom monsters make you freak out?  This world is not a daisy patch, get your flocking heads out of your arses already!

5)  This game was not written for thirteen-year-olds, so quit worrying about what 13-year-olds will think of it.  Parents exist for a reason you know.

6)  I've been through this before, when the first Doom came out.  Nobody I know who played that converted to Satanism or started worshiping demons.  It's the same old shit from the same spineless wimps.

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