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Author Topic: Star Citizen Citizencon 2015  (Read 2960 times)
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« on: 2015-10-11, 07:04 »

For anyone that's been following Star Citizen you probably already know about this.  If you haven't, check this out.  It's a two hour video, but it shows off just how insane this undertaking is and what's right around the corner.


Want to know what's in it before you watch?  Here's some highlights:

First part is a development recap.  That's kind of the boring part.  After that you get to see the good stuff, like this:

A four person crew starts out at a space station on foot. Three board a multi-crew ship and one boards a fighter.  They travel to a comm satellite at hyperspace speed and engage in space combat with some pirates.  Two of the crew members on the large ship operate turrets while one pilots the ship.  After the combat is over, the fighter pilot goes EVA, enters the commsat and activates it, then returns to his fighter.  Both ships then warp to a repair station and have their ships repaired, refueled, and rearmed.  They lift off again, then travel to another space station, land, and go inside on foot and engage in FPS combat.  All of this occurs with 8 live players, multiple camera perspectives going from player to player, no map loading or transitions, no cut scenes, and all actual gameplay and not a recorded demo vid.

A special modular HOTAS multi-controller setup was shown off that Saitek is working on specifically for Star Citizen.  It looks positively badass and goes way beyond just "stick + throttle" setups that people are used to.  The best way I could describe it is a Thrustmaster Hotas X, a Panther XL, a Logitech G20, and a keyboard were involved in some kind of transporter accident.  You really have to see it to understand it. 

They now have an interactive Star Map up on the website that lets you explore the universe.  This works from within a web browser and is absolutely incredible.

An introductory portion of the single player Squadron 42 was shown off.  This included arriving on a shuttle that lands in the hangar of an Idris-class frigate, disembarking from the shuttle, and then walking around the ship and interacting with some of the NPC's.

Lots of "behind the scenes" stuff regarding motion capture, face animation, and overall character design.

If you've been on the fence about Star Citizen it's definitely worth a look.  If you've been following it a little bit and have only seen the Arena Commander portion, this is what you've been waiting to see.  If you've not heard of Star Citizen or have not backed the project, take a look, especially if you're a fan of the Wing Commander series, Privateer, Starlancer/Freelancer, or space combat in general. 

A note about backing...  Backing is entirely optional, and the purchase price on the ships are only there for backing purposes.  Everything up for sale to back the game is for that purpose only - to back the game.  You get to have it when you start out if you purchase a package, but everything - and I do mean everything - from the lowly Aurora to the Idris class frigate will be player obtainable through normal play.  Yes, you'll be able to fight, trade, pirate, or steal your way up to owning massive capital ships.  Backing the game at this point also has the advantage of guaranteeing that you get both Squadron 42 and Star Citizen, as well as having the perks of alpha access.  Waiting for the games to go gold you might have to get them separately.  Backing at entry-level costs less than most modern games, so at $45.00 it's a pretty good deal, and every backer helps to expand the universe and add more depth to the final game.

If you check all this out and decide to join the ranks, please use my referral code below.  It will net you $5,000 in in-game currency to use later in the persistent universe, so if you haven't backed yet and decide to please remember me!
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