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Title: Doom Eternal
Post by: Phoenix on 2018-06-11, 04:17

Thorny Imps, Arachnotron, Pain Elemental, and Archvile confirmed.

Hell on Earth confirmed.

Title: Re: Doom Eternal
Post by: Angst on 2018-10-08, 20:37
Once again, not sure how I feel about some of the stuff they've added, but if I get to skip most of the bits I find distasteful like last time, we should be OK :P

Title: Re: Doom Eternal
Post by: Phoenix on 2018-10-09, 01:50
I do like the monster redesigns for the Mancubus and former humans, as well as the classic Plasma Rifle looks.  And... a Gatling shotgun mode?  Remember that you saw it here first!  :doom_love:

Title: Re: Doom Eternal
Post by: Makou on 2020-01-15, 02:48
Against all the evil that Hell can conjure...
All the wickedness that mankind can produce...
We will send unto them...

...only you.

Doom Eternal - Official Trailer 2 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkklG9MA0vM)

Title: Re: Doom Eternal
Post by: Phoenix on 2020-01-15, 03:00
:doom_love: :doom_love: :doom_love:

Title: Re: Doom Eternal
Post by: Thomas Mink on 2020-01-31, 17:15
Watching some of the latest footage from various folks who essentially got to play a beta test for a few hours had me break my rule of pre-orders a few days ago. It looked so good when watching the right people play it.

At first, I was wary of all the gimmicky movement stuff like monkey bars and the meat hook.. but as time went on, that stuff seemed to take a back seat to the actual action.

My only real nitpicks are the neon green weapons and 1-ups.. I think the Doom 2016 method for weapons would have been fine, and maybe something like a Soulsphere for a 1-up instead of the neon green Slayer helmet. But eh.
Also kind of sucks that the retro skins are tied to purchases of games I already own from ye olden days before digital purchases were a thing. I always rocked the brown marine out of the four original colors, but to play him now (dubbed 'bronze' in Eternal for.. reasons..) I have to buy a game I already own (and not even through Steam, which is just a pita). Meh.. ..at least the oldschool green Doomguy skin looks to be unlockable in Eternal, so there's that.

Now I just need to get off my ass and finish Doom 2016.. which I still have yet to actually do.

Title: Re: Doom Eternal
Post by: Phoenix on 2020-02-22, 17:49