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Author Topic: Saturday Night Slugfest (5-14)  (Read 1117 times)
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« on: 2005-05-14, 07:08 »

Here we go again. The Saturday Night Slugfest is here and it's bringing the pain.

European Games

Server: GenArena FFA Euro 0.99f | | Playerlimit: 20
Time: 9pm CET

North American Games

Server: GenArena Central[WHS] .99f | | Playerlimit: 20
Time: 9pm EST

Server: R1GameServers.Com GenArena .99f | | Playerlimit: 16
Time: 9pm EST

For you demo-liking types, Tabun has some of the Doom Free-For-All action from Thursday night, and you can take a look at those here (click and scroll, as usual). And that's about all I have for you this time...

But Makou, where's the gametype poll?

Oh, right. Well, it's been a busy week studying for finals and such on my end, and it completely slipped my mind this week. I'd rather not only put it up for 3-4 days when it's normally up for 7. If you all really want it up for this week, I'll do it. Otherwise, next Thursday's custom gametype will be the second place option from the most recent poll. Sorry, all.

Oh yeah. We're still on IRC, as usual (irc.wireheadstudios.net, #wirehead), so pay us a visit if you'd like. See you in the arena.

You'll have the whole seat, but you'll only need the edge!!
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« Reply #1 on: 2005-05-14, 14:23 »

By the way, scrolling isn't nescessary if you use this link to access the demo-thread. (you might want to use something like this next time you link to demos Mak Slipgate - Wink)
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Tabun ?Morituri Nolumus Mori?
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