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Author Topic: Star Wars (Original Movies on DVD)  (Read 1251 times)
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« on: 2006-09-28, 17:02 »

Star Wars Episodes 4 through 6 are available on DVD in their original theatrical format now.  Actually they have been for a few weeks, I just forgot to post about it.  If you don't have Episodes 4 through 6 on DVD at all, they also include the remastered (or adulterated, depending on how purist you are) versions, so it's the perfect time to buy them.  If you already have the remastered versions... well, sucks to be you because Lucas figured out a way to get more money from you I guess? Slipgate - Wink

They are saying these will only be available in this format through November.  I have all three, and have watched the original format films (haven't seen the remastered ones yet).  The original format films are just like they were on VHS, but better quality and in widescreen (yay!).  If you liked the original format better than the remastered ones, they are worth the purchase.

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