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Author Topic: Genarena 0.99d Release Stats  (Read 1776 times)
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« on: 2003-12-12, 22:01 »

Yesterday marked the release of the newest version of Generations Arena, v0.99d! The release happened a bit earlier than expected, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. And the site's still going strong. We've had about 1500 unique visitors in the last two days. Not to shabby at all, more today than yesterday!

On the GenArena downloads page, we have five mirrors for the ZIP version of 0.99d, and three for the EXE. Out of those five, four have download tracking abilities.

72 ZIP downloads from Fileplanet
29 ZIP downloads from FileShack
57 ZIP downloads from Planetquake3
4 ZIP downloads via Bit Torrent

47 EXE downloads from Fileplanet
53 EXE downloads from FileShack
40 EXE downloads from Planetquake3

There are no tracking abilities for the ZIP download from http://www.totallypointless.net.

This gives us a confirmed total of 302 downloads!

So go join a server! I can guarantee that someone will show up within five minutes. We played Generations for hours on end yesterday, let's do it again tonight! Pick a server already!
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