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Author Topic: Forum Games 12/13/03  (Read 1647 times)
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« on: 2003-12-13, 20:38 »

It's time for the first v0.99d GenArena Forum Game! Everyone grab your favorite class and join up at the following times!

Euro Game
Saturdays, 9 PM CET. Gametype: FFA Server: GenArena Europe[WHS]

USA Game
Saturdays, 9 PM EDT. Gametype: FFA Server: GenArena Central[WHS]

Remember, if you have a punkbuster rejection connecting to a server, bring down the console
type /pb_cl_enable

And it will let you join. If you're receiving "CLIENT_UNKNOWN_TO_AUTH" be patient and let it try, you'll probably connect in a few seconds.

If Punkbuster forces you to spectator mode, wait for Punkbuster to update, or go to www.evenbalance.com and download the latest update manually.

If you get stuck at "awaiting snapshot" for a long time enable compressed textures by bringing down the console and typing:

/seta r_ext_compressed_textures 1

And you should get faster load times. See you in the game!
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