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Author Topic: 200+ armor as Strogg Trooper?  (Read 9633 times)
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« on: 2006-02-26, 04:29 »

Okay, so I was running around on an empty GenArena server for a bit. I got 200 armor (The red quality mind you Slipgate - Wink) and when I touched an Armor Shard sometime afterwards that went up above 200. Is this a minor bug, or is this have to do with Quake 2 somehow? (Haven't played the game yet, so I wouldn't know. And to be off-topic, I'm getting the DVD Quake 4 game when I get my comp, so I can play Quake II at last)

Here's a screen to show how much armor I collected before the time limit stopped me...

Just wondering what this is about...and on another note, I've noticed that with the Earth Soldiers, if you hold the trigger and try to change weapons, the same weapon will stay out until you let go of the trigger. If it isn't any hassle (And nothing you've heard of/noticed) I'll try to record a demo demostrating that as well.
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« Reply #1 on: 2006-02-26, 09:58 »

The armor stacking behavior with Strogg is not a bug.  Quake 2 actually behaved in this manner.  You could stack armor shards until the cows came home and left the next morning.  In Doom version 1.2 you could also stack spiritual armor (the little helmets) throughout the whole game.  I played through once making sure I took absolutely zero damage just to see how high I could get the armor and I got it over 400 by the end of Knee Deep in the Dead.  It was rather amusing, and I was a bit disappointed when they capped the armor to 200 in version 1.666 and later.

Regarding the weapon switch behaviors, that's a known bug that I've fixed already.  It stemmed from Id using snapshot data instead of predicted data when checking for whether a gun is out of ammo when switching from an empty gun.  It's fine of none of your weapons don't share ammo so it works right in normal Q3.  In Gen it was causing the player to switch to another gun that shares the same ammo, even if empty, because of the lag time between the server and client.  I fixed it by switching cg.snap to cg.predictedPlayerState for the out of ammo check.  Thanks for the report though.  I'd rather get a report about a known issue than have someone not report an issue I don't know about.
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