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Author Topic: Worst And Best Video Games you've ever played.  (Read 7119 times)
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« Reply #20 on: 2007-08-12, 16:05 »

Best multiplayer-FPS: Alien Vs Predator 2
Best singleplayer-FPS: Doom
Best all-around FPS: Quake II

Alien Vs Predator 2: Amazing gameplay, sounds, effects, and out of this world action.
Doom: Nothing needs to be said.
Quake II: An incredible blend of multiplayer excitement, fun singleplayer, and revolutionary gameplay.

Best Real-time strategy game(s): Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War, Warcraft III, Starcraft, and hopefully, Starcraft II

40k: I've been playing the original tabletop game for a while now (5 years) and this game is a perfect transfer from tabletop to computer.

Warcraft III: Easily the most complex and involving RTS out there at the moment.

Starcraft: the game that put the entire RTS genre on the map, classic.

Starcraft II: either a failure or the best RTS ever made, we will see.

Best space-combat: Star Trek: Klingon Academy, Star Quest.

Star Trek: Awesome gameplay, an involving storyline, and many difficult challenges.

Star Quest: ah, so many memories. this one is quite old, but nonetheless remains one of my favorites.

as for the worst, World of Warcraft, and the entire MMO genre. any console game that makes you pay more then once to play makes me want to kill someone.
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« Reply #21 on: 2007-08-28, 15:12 »

well my best one's (god this is gonna show my age isn't it)

best FPS : Quake 1 (once a slippy always a slippy)
best 2D RPG : Planetscape torment (the skull always makes me laugh)
Best 3D RPG : NWN2
best Shoot em up : Alien Breed 2
Best RTS : Dune 2
Best 3D RTS : Warcraft III
Best Platformer : Gods (Amiga game)
Best 3D Platformer : MDK
Best Adventure : Grim Fandago
Best MMOrpg : Guild Wars (it's the only one that's free  Slipgate - Thumbs up!)

Honorable Mentions : Magic Pockets, Chaos Engine, Mega Man 3, Rome Total War, Starcraft, Speedball 2, Sonic 2 (best of the series in my opinion), Mario 64,

Worst FPS : Hired Guns , urrggg it was terrible
Worst 2D RPG : Icewind Dale
Worst 3D RPG : Seven Samurai
Worst Shoot em up : Gloom
Worst RTS : KKND
Worst 3D RTS : CNC3 (for the moment maybe the expansion will fix it)
Worst Platform : Pugsy (if you've ever played it you'll know what i mean)
Worst 3D Platformer : Spider (bloody hard and really naff)
Worst Adventure : Monkey island 3 (seriously scrapping the barrel)
Worst MMorpg : World of Warcraft (yeah i know this is controversial, but ?15 a month  Slipgate - Distraught you are having a laugh blizzard)

Dishonourable Mentions : any movie cash in, anything by Activision in the past 4 years, grand theft auto games (seriously they started the game controversy)

Moving on to fav Mods

fav Quake mod : Generations and Gen Q2
Fav HL2 Mod : The Ship
Fav C&C Mod : Shockwave

plus other i can't think of

however i do have favorite game series

Mega Man (always a cool one X series of games were a bit weird though and Rockman & Forte is hilerious)
Devil May Cry
Final Fantasy / Anything by Squaresoft except Enhergiz (damn that sucked)
Dead or Alive ( i love kazumi  Slipgate - Love)
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« Reply #22 on: 2007-08-28, 16:06 »

Actually, I must correct you.  Dungeons and Dragons started the whole gaming controversy.  It was getting blamed for stuff well before video games became targets.  Wolfenstein 3D started the controversy in regards to video games.  Doom made it explode.  Case in point, they were still ragging on Doom when Columbine went down.  The other games have just become the new breed of scapegoat.  Rockstar and Take Two's attitude toward game creation has not helped much.  I know the GTA games are popular and some people love them, but I don't understand the whole "let's glorify crime" thing.  Oh well, not intending to turn this into a rant on games and politics so I'll stop here.  Slipgate - Roll Eyes

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« Reply #23 on: 2007-08-28, 16:28 »

In my opinion GTA blows, and all the GTA wanna bes blow, all the sequels seem to be little more than an expansion pack at whole game price...

worst game series evar

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« Reply #24 on: 2007-08-28, 22:50 »

All I'm going to say on GTA is that it's more fun being the bad guy. Ask any English actor. Oh, and I haven't gone out and shot, stabbed or mugged anyone yet. You might as well label games like Populous and Civilization as blasphemy.

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