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Author Topic: Salt Water == Fuel  (Read 1848 times)
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« on: 2007-09-11, 15:54 »

Rustum Roy, a Penn State University chemist, has held demonstrations at his State College, Pa., lab to confirm his own observations....

...This is the most abundant element in the world. It is everywhere," Roy said. "Seeing it burn gives me the chills."


Now if a university chemist is taking this seriously, I'd say our fellow might be on to something.  What I'm curious about is how much energy output vs energy input from the radio waves.  If the output exceeds the input... remember that burning hydrogen makes water, so you could theoretically make a closed loop system that would pump from a salt water reservoir through the resonant combustor, into a condensor and back into the reservoir again.  You would use the heat from combustion to power a generator, which would in turn power the pumping system and radio transmitter for the resonant combustor.  If the total system output from the generator exceeded the operational demand of the electical and mechanical systems this would have serious implications for the second law of thermodynamics, and all physical laws based upon it.  Now if the system is not overunity but does in fact work, then at least you have an inexhaustable power source right out where the entire world could use it.  I just wonder if this will amount to anything or if, like so many other great discoveries, it will be shelved because it does not fit the interests of the economic oligarchs.  That's provided this isn't all just a load of vapor of course.

On a more humorous note... perhaps this would also explain the phenomenon of spontaneous human combustion.  Take one human with a somewhat salty body chemistry, add the right touch of radio waves, and poof?  Might make one somewhat paranoid about using wireless.
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