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 on: 2021-09-08, 23:17 
Started by Kajet - Last post by scalliano
Finished the entire game in order last week - DotM feels like it comes from a completely different game (many of the textures do, as it happens Slipgate - Tongue) and might give casuals an idea as to what they're missing on the source port side of things. Audio issues aside, the port is pretty great, but then it's Kaiser, Quasar and the crew so you'd expect nothing less. Actually grabbed it on PS4 and Switch so I can play it anywhere.

Also, hi, everyone  Doom - Love

 on: 2021-09-06, 02:46 
Started by Kajet - Last post by Kajet
I just finished the vanilla campaign, I've had the expansions for a while but never really got into them, going back into the old versions are not exactly easy after all.

Mostly because of some things that haven't been implemented at the time

 on: 2021-09-01, 18:07 
Started by Kajet - Last post by ~Va^^pyrA~
It's been years since I've played much of Quake 1, and even longer for the original mission packs. Though I'm pretty sure I ran through Dimension of the Past when it was first released. That said, I spent last week playing through the entire collection (and Abyss of Pandemonium) for context.

I was super impressed with Dimension of the Machine. The areas were all fairly unique to one another, and certainly unique within the framework of the original game. They never felt out of place though. Most had interest gimmicks as well, whether it be prison spaceships, crumbling forges, inverted mausoleums, etc. Beautiful lighting was abundant. The "hard" difficulty seemed harder than it used to, lol.

I know a lot of people are probably hoping for a full remake, or a proper Quake sequel, but I'd be perfectly happy if MachineGames simply continued to create new episodes for the rerelease. Maybe not so far-fetched of a hope given it seems to have at least a form of mod support via the Quake64 add-on.

 on: 2021-09-01, 04:32 
Started by Kajet - Last post by Orbital-S2D
I already unlocked all the achievements Slipgate - Laugh

 on: 2021-08-29, 09:09 
Started by Kajet - Last post by Phoenix
Considering how vanilla Quake's maps are basically one dick move after another - especially Sandy's - that would certainly fit right in.  Slipgate - Wink

 on: 2021-08-29, 02:18 
Started by Kajet - Last post by Woodsman
Quake was never one of my go to titles. I played it, i beat it but it wasn't something i went back to over and over like Doom or Duke 3d. That being said i really like this new release and i'm in the process of reacquainting myself with Quake because i think it has unrealized user map potential. I'm not real keen on the idea of learning a new engine but I'm seriously considering "Dick moves-Brown Edition"

 on: 2021-08-28, 21:25 
Started by Kajet - Last post by Phoenix
- E2M6 now includes cut content.
That explains why I did not remember that section!  I thought it's just because I hadn't played Quake in a long time.   Slipgate - WTF

 on: 2021-08-28, 21:23 
Started by Kajet - Last post by Phoenix
Actually the forum doesn't allow embedded video content, so that's not your memory.  Slipgate - Tongue

 on: 2021-08-28, 20:14 
Started by Kajet - Last post by Kajet
Well lookie here, a nice little review of Dimension of the Machine, the new expansion, I haven't watched it all but it certainly makes me wanna play it myself.

I believe I have forgotten how to embed youtube videos.


 on: 2021-08-27, 10:06 
Started by Angst - Last post by Phoenix
Oh, that's no good!  If it affects your health I would recommend against them then.  The Ancient Gods 1 has really intense claustrophobic fights, and The Ancient Gods 2's final boss is a marauder fight on steroids.

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