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 on: 2021-02-02, 01:52 
Started by Woodsman - Last post by Phoenix
I see.  I certainly don't agree that all bronies are perverts, I rather enjoy the cartoon myself, though I'm not sure if your statement was meant to convey a since opinion or a satirical jab at a stereotype.

Regarding said pervy individual, the video in the article of the 6 minutes in the snake creature den was a bit cringy dialogue-wise but incredibly tame compared to what's out on the internet.  That didn't seem like a big deal to me.  If he was putting pedophilic or implied pedophilic content into the mod then I can certainly understand the other team members being upset and wanting to drop him like a nuclear potato after finding out he's an outright pedophile.

I just hate to see any mod project get cancelled over a knee-jerk reaction and a single bad actor.  I hope they can salvage it.

 on: 2021-02-02, 00:19 
Started by Woodsman - Last post by Woodsman
Yeah i saw in a video that was a Bronie and of course all bronies are perverts. Well the mod also getting flack for some questionable content involving underage characters and some weird fetish jokes. I'm sure it turning out that one of their devs was a degenerate pushed them over the cliff. I expect they will remove the off color humor and any content by the Bronie pervert and then bring it back later.

 on: 2021-02-01, 12:53 
Started by Woodsman - Last post by Phoenix
I read the article.  I'm not sure what bronies have to do with this, but it seems pretty extreme for the mod authors to take an entire project down because of a single team member posting "animated pedophilic content".  I'm assuming this is drawings of underage humans?  It sounds like that wasn't even part of the mod but was posted somewhere else.  I sure as hell wouldn't nuke Gen if it ever turns out that [OTHER TEAM MEMBER] was involved in something sketchy somewhere completely unrelated to the project.

 on: 2021-01-30, 20:50 
Started by Woodsman - Last post by Woodsman
This is so so funny. You guys thought Gen had legal problems back in the day get a load of this. https://www.pcgamer.com/massive-fallout-...-frontier-taken-offline-by-its-creators/

 on: 2021-01-29, 03:17 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by Phoenix
Emerald Tiger at LvL world posted a review of Generations Arena back in October.  I stumbled on it while checking the site for new and interesting maps.  He has plenty to say about Gen, and it's all good.  You can see the review here:


While you're there don't forget to show them some love and look around at their astonishingly large collection of maps for Q3A.  You might just find a new favorite!
   Doom - Thumbs Up!

 on: 2021-01-16, 08:58 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by Phoenix

I thought I had lost these next instructions and I'm glad I did not, as I obtained them from Quakesrc.org and that server died a long time ago.  I haven't found them again anywhere on the net so I'm posting them here for posterity.

Here is how to compile Q3A natively in Linux.  These instructions were written for Breezy Badger.  I've had trouble with the linker in later versions complaining about missing "derror" and "dopen", etc.  Supposedly there's a workaround for this by sending a -ldl argument to the linker but my attempts at that were unsuccessful.  I can confirm this compiles under gcc 4.3 and produces a working Linux-native executable, as well as .qvm files.  Please note that I cannot take full credit for these, only the notes at the end.  Some of the links will no longer work, but if you have the Quake 3 1.32b source code this will work.

Versions/Minimum Packages:
debian unstable (sid) or ubuntu hoary
gcc/cpp/g++ 4.0.1-5 (3.3 might work, seems to on ubuntu)
libc6/libc6-dev 2.3.5-3
perl/perl-modules 5.8.7-4
nasm 0.98.38-1.2
libx11-dev/libxxf86dga-dev/libxxf86vm-dev 6.8.2.dfsg.1-5
mesag3/mesag-dev 6.2.1-5

Updated instructions from the web:  04/11/2011

Hi All,

As you probably all know the source for quake III arena has been released. So
i figured i give it a shot. After some googling i found the instructions to
build it. I've tried them, and it indeed worked, i have now a fully working
quake3 on my system.

Here's how i've done it:
1-Download the source (Thanks locke!):

2-unpack and modify the code so it compiles with gcc-3.4.1:

$ unzip -q quake3-1.32b-source.zip

# Phoenix:  note - If you have source unzipped on a Windows install already you can just copy the source
# directory to your linux install and work from within there.

$ cd quake3-1.32b
$ vi code/Construct #Phoenix - vi sucks.  Just edit everything in Kate...

replace this:
  # use -Werror for better QA 
  $BASE_CFLAGS = $COMMON_CFLAGS . '-g -Wall -Werror -O ';
-Dstricmp=strcasecmp ';

by this:
  # use -Werror for better QA 
  $BASE_CFLAGS = $COMMON_CFLAGS . '-g -Wall -O ';
-Dstricmp=strcasecmp ';

$ cd lcc/src/ && perl -pi.bk -e 's/\r//' *.md && cd ../..
$ cd code/game && perl -pi.bk -e 's/\r//' *.c *.h && cd ../..
$ vi lcc/cpp/lex.c

replace this: (line 56)
START,  { ' ', '\t', '\v' },    WS1,
by this:
START, { ' ', '\t', '\v', '\r' }, WS1,

and replace this: (line 170)
WS1,    { ' ', '\t', '\v' },    WS1,
by this:
WS1, { ' ', '\t', '\v', '\r' }, WS1,

$ vi code/cgame/cg_servercmds.c
replace this: (line 942 and 943)
if (cg_noTaunt.integer != 0) {
                if (!strcmp(cmd, VOICECHAT_KILLINSULT)  || !strcmp(cmd,
                        !strcmp(cmd, VOICECHAT_DEATHINSULT) || !strcmp(cmd,
                        !strcmp(cmd, VOICECHAT_PRAISE)) {

by this:
if (cg_noTaunt.integer != 0) {
                if (!strcmp(cmd, VOICECHAT_KILLINSULT)  || !strcmp(cmd,
                        !strcmp(cmd, VOICECHAT_DEATHINSULT) || !strcmp(cmd,
                        !strcmp(cmd, VOICECHAT_PRAISE)) {

3- compile the source:
$ cd lcc/ && make all && cd ..
$ cd q3asm/ && make && cd ..
$ cd code/ && perl unix/cons && cd ..

4- Install the game:
The compiled gamefiles can be found here:

To get a working game, copy the pak?.pk3 files from the windows Quake3 CD to
the directory code/install/baseq3.

To run goto the directory code/install and type ./linuxquake3

I didn't dream up the solution myself, i found them on the following web page.

FAQ: http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/faq/
Unsubscribe: See the above information page

Phoenix - notes:

The executable won't compile the release build executable with the above instructions.  To compile, have to do this from code directory:

sudo perl unix/cons -- release

That's how to run cons in a release build.

linuxquake3 in install directory is the built file.

 on: 2021-01-15, 03:48 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by Kajet
The very first time I played DooM was on my brother's PSX, that seems like forever and a half ago

 on: 2021-01-09, 21:45 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by Woodsman
Yeah there are all sorts of tales about the doom console ports. I've personally played it on the SNES, Jaguar, PSX and GBA. Of those the PSX version was easily the best, particularly for its sound design but even that port had to make some concessions but they weren't too extreme. Final Doom for the PSX was about the same quality. Now Doom 64 is an entirely different animal and a under appreciated classic in my mind and I'm glad the recent doom games made it cannon.

 on: 2021-01-09, 18:15 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by Kajet
Dunno how relevant this is but apparently the Saturn port is much worse than the programmer wanted due to  Carmack wanting it to not use the hardware and it being as similar to the PC version as possible

Source: https://youtu.be/sKk36WKWGUs?t=572

 on: 2021-01-06, 05:42 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by Orbital-S2D
the 3do port was completed in 10 weeks I believe

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