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 on: 2017-05-03, 19:03 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by scalliano
Modding is a gateway drug, people - first you're coding a rapid-fire explosive shotgun, next you're hacking into GCHQ.

Just say no!

 on: 2017-04-26, 15:57 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by Angst
In a related story - IT training makes you a criminal.

 on: 2017-04-24, 23:58 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by Phoenix
Websites and forums which provide cheat codes and modifications for video games are making it increasingly easy for young people to develop criminal skills and become involved in hacking chat rooms, a report by the U.K.'s National Crime Agency (NCA) has said.


This Total Bullshit of the Daytm has been brought to you by CNBC - trusted journalism in action!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to have to look in the Quake 3 source code to see where Id hid all those stolen CC numbers.
  Slipgate - Shifty

 on: 2017-04-24, 23:53 
Started by Gnam - Last post by Phoenix
At least you guys are able to run it.  For some reason the Bethesda Launcher won't run properly on my Win 7 install, so I couldn't even install the beta.  Some other people have been having the same problems from what I saw on the Bethesda forums.  Slipgate - Surprised

 on: 2017-04-24, 17:35 
Started by Gnam - Last post by Gnam
I'm assuming admins wil be able to disable item timer graphics in custom servers (if the option for custom servers exists). IIRC QL disabled them for duel so hopefully QC will disable them for duel matchmaking as well.

IMO rather than changing starting and max health/armor per character. it would have been better to vary the benefit each character gets from pickups. So everyone starts with 100 health and zero armor, but depending on whether they're a light/medium/heavy character they get:

small health - 10 / 15 / 20
medium health - 20 / 30 / 40
megahealth - 80 / 100 / 120

armor shard - 3 / 5 / 7
small armor - 18 / 25 / 37
medium armor - 38 / 50 / 75
big armor - 75 / 100 / 150

I agree that it's a delicate balance in terms of how much advantage the medium and heavy characters should get vs the light, so the exact numbers are up for debate, but you get the idea.

Overall I do feel like Generations' method of seperating classes by movement physics and weapon variants makes more sense within the Quake framework than shoehorning in MOBA abilities. Even if the classes weren't based at all on replicating the gameplay of previous id games, it still puts the focus in class differentiation on movement and weapon skill, which is what Quake has always been all about.

 on: 2017-04-13, 21:02 
Started by Kain-Xavier - Last post by Thomas Mink
Straight up GLQuake doesn't cut it, EZQuake doesn't quite do it either... so after some digging around I've discovered what I think is my favorite Q1 sourceport now, and that's Quakespasm.  It fixes GLQuake's issues, adds anisotropic filtering and optional liquid transparency, fixes the nailgun muzzle flash glitch, but keeps the Q1-style particles, weapon sway, and movement.  It also lets me run vsync and set host_maxfps up above 100, resulting in silky smooth movement at 100Hz and interpolated models.  It's soooo much gentler to my eyes I love it.  It also supports larger entity counts so there's a few SP campaigns out there (Soul of Evil, Arcane Dimensions) that will work under it that wouldn't work under normal Q1.  So now I have some extra Q1 stuff to try out the source port on at a later time.

Gotta say.. I've just been using WinQuake the last few times I actually loaded Q1. The blurriness of GLQuake just felt overly bad to me, plus the atmosphere and lighting felt better in WinQuake. ..but that interpolation, ugh.

With the research of the various GL modes and such as well, I think Quakespasm will serve quite well (especially now that I can adjust the gamma again!). It's like a flat upgraded GLQuake, which is all I've wanted for years.. and with the discovery that GL_NEAREST looks better to me, well that's just icing!

However! The one thing I did notice missing is how the gun moves when looking up and down. In Quakespasm, it's static and unmoving.. whereas in GL/Quake it would pitch up and down.

 on: 2017-04-03, 04:32 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by Phoenix
I have my Generations Arena server in the list on the site, but occasionally my IP address changes.  After some network hardware changes, this server is now visible on Qtracker, so anyone wishing to play .99f should be able to see it under the Internet Games section of Quake 3 Arena.  You'll want to play on The Phoenix Nest.  The Beta Test server is for internal beta testing only and is passworded to avoid connection issues.

In addition, I host the Clan MMA Quake 2 Rocket Arena 2 server.  The server is password protected to keep the games cheater free and friendly, and is also now visible on Qtracker.  The password is available on request to any forum members.  Just send me a PM if you're interested.

 on: 2017-03-29, 16:34 
Started by Kain-Xavier - Last post by Footman
Also of note... DOPA did not have a single Spawn in the episode, nor any Rotfish.
And there was much rejoicing.

 on: 2017-03-28, 21:54 
Started by Kain-Xavier - Last post by Angst
Also of note... DOPA did not have a single Spawn in the episode, nor any Rotfish.

I Approve!

 on: 2017-03-26, 07:33 
Started by Kain-Xavier - Last post by Phoenix
Also of note... DOPA did not have a single Spawn in the episode, nor any Rotfish.

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