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 on: 2020-12-07, 20:24 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by Woodsman
I just uploaded it to the ID games archive so we will see in a week or so if it was accepted. If it was i will provide a link.  Doom - Thumbs Up!

 on: 2020-11-30, 07:52 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by Phoenix
It seems a software change on our webhost borked the Server Browser.  This has now been corrected.

 on: 2020-11-15, 08:03 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by Phoenix
You'll be saying that a lot on this brand new map by Woodsman.  Dickmoves is a compilation of just that.  It's a stand-alone map for The Plutonia Experiement, meant to be completed on Ultra-Violence from a pistol start.  Here's a few preview pictures.  Download from This Repository if you dare!





 on: 2020-11-15, 06:14 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by Woodsman
If you find it too difficult, take yo mommas titty out yo mout

 on: 2020-11-15, 05:25 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by Phoenix
These are maps created by our very own Woodsman for GZdoom.  Please be sure you have the latest version.

Dickmoves (requires The Plutonia Experiment from Final Doom)

 on: 2020-11-11, 00:46 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by Phoenix
As long as it works in normal Q3A it should work in Generations. Doom - Thumbs Up!

 on: 2020-11-10, 15:14 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by Noddynod443
Hi, I was wondering, when the generations arena update is released will it be possible to use the threewave ctf mappack with generations area? It has some nice quake 2 style ctf maps.

 on: 2020-11-03, 03:45 
Started by Woodsman - Last post by Phoenix
Well at least you can finish something.  I think Doom Unleashed for Q2 is the only project I've ever finished and it wasn't even my assets.  Slipgate - Sad

 on: 2020-11-03, 03:26 
Started by Woodsman - Last post by Woodsman
To say its my second map would be an outrageous lie. I have been fooling around with doom builder for a good year now, and i had two fully completed maps and another nearly completed before i started Dickmoves. You played FraggBBQ which i have since revised and fine tuned, partly on your notes.Since that was my first map and i didn't want to leave it uncompleted, its now FraggBBQ low and slow. FraggBBQ and the other maps were fun, and i could have released them and i may in some form, god knows there are a million shitty wads on doom world and a few mediocre ones weren't going to kill anybody, but i wanted my first public showing to make some  kind of splash even if it was a small one. Putting my best foot forward, and i wanted to use the features of the modern ports like 3d floors and dynamic lighting, the other maps were old school doom. Plus my experience with mapping goes way, way back. I used to dick around with the build engine back in the day so the design aspects of  pre 3d shooters were well known to me, and i pissed away hundreds of hours on radiant. I just never finished anything before .

 on: 2020-11-03, 03:07 
Started by Woodsman - Last post by Phoenix
Well damn, Woods, this is only your SECOND map?  It already looks gorgeous!  Slipgate - WTF

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