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 on: 2020-01-31, 17:15 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by Thomas Mink
Watching some of the latest footage from various folks who essentially got to play a beta test for a few hours had me break my rule of pre-orders a few days ago. It looked so good when watching the right people play it.

At first, I was wary of all the gimmicky movement stuff like monkey bars and the meat hook.. but as time went on, that stuff seemed to take a back seat to the actual action.

My only real nitpicks are the neon green weapons and 1-ups.. I think the Doom 2016 method for weapons would have been fine, and maybe something like a Soulsphere for a 1-up instead of the neon green Slayer helmet. But eh.
Also kind of sucks that the retro skins are tied to purchases of games I already own from ye olden days before digital purchases were a thing. I always rocked the brown marine out of the four original colors, but to play him now (dubbed 'bronze' in Eternal for.. reasons..) I have to buy a game I already own (and not even through Steam, which is just a pita). Meh.. ..at least the oldschool green Doomguy skin looks to be unlockable in Eternal, so there's that.

Now I just need to get off my ass and finish Doom 2016.. which I still have yet to actually do.

 on: 2020-01-24, 20:24 
Started by Arno - Last post by Angst
Yeah, between Shadowcaster and Heretic 2. Sad pandas. I don't know that black crypt released source either.

 on: 2020-01-23, 20:51 
Started by Arno - Last post by Arno
Thanks, Phoenix!  Slipgate - Smile

Angst, there used to be a source port in development for Shadowcaster, called WindowCaster. With the last update (october 2018), the levels could be viewed with nice graphics, using a hardware accelerated renderer. But there was no gameplay implemented yet, and I haven't seen much progress since then. I can imagine that it's a complicated task, since the Shadowcaster source code was never published.

 on: 2020-01-23, 01:02 
Started by Makou - Last post by Phoenix
Good to see the console peasants getting some proper Doom love.  Doom - Thumbs Up!

 on: 2020-01-22, 03:59 
Started by Makou - Last post by Makou
This is kind of old news, as it's available already via a near-stealth released in mid-December 2019, and also not really of interest to PC-exclusive gamers, but since everything else Id-related does tend to land here eventually, let's talk about this for completion's sake. And there are a couple of things here that actually make me happy.

The Doom Slayers Collection is available for Playstation 4 and Xbox One, and out-of-the-box comes with four games: Ultimate Doom, Doom II (including Master Levels!), Doom 3 (including Resurrection of Evil and Lost Mission), and Doom 2016. Fairly standard stuff.

And now the fun bits, the big one first:

Final Doom properly hits consoles for the first time with this release, with a free update allowing both of its episodes and "No Rest for the Living" to be played in this package as add-ons for Doom II. John Romero's Sigil was also added as an add-on for the Ultimate Doom. This means the entire Id-made catalogue of Doom is available for consoles for the first time, which is really cool.

They also updated some graphics for the older games, and I don't mean for 4K televisions and such. In a sense, it's a downgrade: Health packs in the old games sport a cross again instead of a pill icon, though it's green instead of red to keep a certain humanitarian organization off their backs, and the secret levels in Doom II have their original textures and enemies.

On its face, it's just another re-release of old stuff for new profit, but there are some quality-of-life updates present for the two oldest games, as well. Quick save/load is present, which is unique for a console release of these games. Quick switching of weapons via the otherwise unused d-pad is in, and a weapon carousel similar to Doom 2016's, so players don't have to cycle every weapon between the chaingun and BFG anymore. As a neat little "bonus" to that weapon carousel, the pistol has a third-person sprite for the first time.

They've also said that more add-ons will be coming in the future, as well. I wonder if they'll dare to wrangle the confusion that would be releasing Team TNT's Eternal Doom for this package along side Doom Eternal.

It's a neat package, I think, and if nothing else, it looks like someone at Bethesda has realized it's worth showing the classics some love on modern platforms beyond the usual basic ports.

 on: 2020-01-21, 20:42 
Started by Arno - Last post by Angst
WOO! Now someone needs to port Shadowcaster, and Black Crypt.. mmmm yeeesssss...

 on: 2020-01-17, 02:24 
Started by Arno - Last post by Phoenix
Awesome!  The Catacomb games are something I never got to play.  Will have to check into this sometime.  Stickied!

 on: 2020-01-16, 23:07 
Started by Arno - Last post by Arno
Hi everyone!  Slipgate - Smile

For the last few years I've been working on a hobby project, which may be of interest for fans of early Id Software games. I've named this project "CatacombGL", a source port for Catacomb 3D and its sequels Abyss, Armageddon and Apocalypse. Catacomb 3D was created by Id Software in 1991 for MS-DOS, and is a direct predecessor of Wolfenstein 3D.
The source port runs native on Windows and uses OpenGL to display the graphics in widescreen HD resolutions. Keyboard and mouse controls are configurable. It works with the Catacomb Abyss 1.13 shareware version. The Catacombs Pack from GOG.com is required to play the other games.

At this moment all four games are fully playable. I'm still releasing small updates occasionally, to fix bugs and to add small improvements. Progress can be followed via Twitter.



Catacomb 3D: The Descent

Catacomb Abyss

 on: 2020-01-15, 03:00 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by Phoenix
Doom - Love Doom - Love Doom - Love

 on: 2020-01-15, 02:48 
Started by Phoenix - Last post by Makou
Against all the evil that Hell can conjure...
All the wickedness that mankind can produce...
We will send unto them...

...only you.

Doom Eternal - Official Trailer 2

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